Luxoft was recently accredited as an MTO (member training organization) of International Consortium for Agile. ICAgile develops education tracks and learning objectives for its members' training classes, and accredited course materials for covering particular topics.

We developed the Agile Fundamentals course, which covers all learning objectives for ICAgile Certified Professional certification. Therefore, all students of this 3-day class get an ICP certificate upon completion (assuming they actively participate in class activities and demonstrate the intent to expand their knowledge of Agile further).

Course Details

Training materials have been accredited by leading industry experts from ICAgile and include a lot of exercises and games aimed for understanding and adoption of the Agile mindset rather than just examples and tools. The course covers the following areas in detail:

  • History of Agile movement
  • People and interactions
    • Agile mindset and cultural transformation
    • Team-based organization of work, leadership in Agile
    • Understanding learning models and feedback loops
    • Effective practices for communication and collaboration
  • Working software
    • Value-driven development, design as a knowledge acquisition
    • Business analysis and value management
    • Built-in quality, engineering practices and continuous delivery
  • Customer collaboration
    • Roles, responsibilities and collaboration
    • Planning and estimation
    • Visualizing the big picture
    • Getting feedback
  • Responding to change
    • Design as a knowledge acquisition
    • Product and project adaptation
    • ean development
  • Lean development
For our blog readers, we offer the possibility to pass Agile Fundamentals training and be recognized as a ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) upon completion. All students will get their ICP certificate and will be shown on the ICAgile site.


  • Full spectrum of Agile practices from different frameworks
  • Principles for development of tailored process
  • Guidelines for further education in Agile for different specializations
  • Internationally recognized certificate from ICAgile
How to Apply

If you or your organization is interested in attending an ICP class, please contact us at for information about upcoming trainings, pricing and other details.
Sergey Prokhorenko
Sergey has a computer science background and 18 years of experience in IT, including over 9 years in Agile scaling. Currently he combines several roles: Director of a company-wide Agile practice center of expertise with focus on growing a solid consulting offering and meeting challenging financial goals; Principal Agile consultant running presales, kick-starting new Agile engagements, driving organizational changes, coaching client executives and being a leader of a team of consultants; Agile promoter of modern management principles and practices through public speaking, supporting analyst firms and investor relations, running internal community Agile-related topics, and developing partnerships with 3rd parties. Sergey’s goal is to help organizations build sustainable and effective product development frameworks with a close focus on timely delivery of business value.