Every year Luxoft takes part in the biggest Agile conference in Russia – AgileDays. This year it will take place on 19th – 20th of March in Moscow. And we hold the honor to be the Platinum partner of the event which every year happens to be the cutting-edge of modern management and engineering practices for effective and efficient software development.


The variety of topics covered by the speakers is wide: Agile/Lean Mindset, Product Development, Experience Reports, Engineering Practices + DevOps, Agile basics. The speakers have a vast experience in succeeding with projects and products and in helping the companies to get everything form modern methodologies and frameworks for software development.

Along with Russian experts there will be keynote speakers with worldwide notability: Shannon Ewan – one of the leading experts in coaching and facilitating of Agile teams, and Aslak Hellesøy – the creator of Cucumber, the leading Behavior driven development tool.
We would also like to announce the appearance of our colleagues:

Maksim Gaponov will speak on the role of the process transformer, the skills and the knowledge required to follow this challenging path in his “I, Transformer” speech.

Svetlana Mukhina will make 3 appearances at the conference stage: as a speaker at “Changing the mindset with coaching” and “Coaching in practice” and as a co-host of “The Art of Facilitating Agility” workshop with Shannon Ewan.

Simon Petkov will present the ways to enrich the retrospectives outcome in “How to make a retrospective valuable”.

And Mikhail Podurets will share the experience in preparing and conducting the project retrospectives in “How the teams negotiate: joint retrospective”.
We also have plans to conduct a Business-cases workshop, where we will discuss the real business cases of the participants to help them remove the impediments in their processes or see their situation from a different point of view.

Join us at this great event!
Sergey Prokhorenko
Sergey has a computer science background and 18 years of experience in IT, including over 9 years in Agile scaling. Currently he combines several roles: Director of a company-wide Agile practice center of expertise with focus on growing a solid consulting offering and meeting challenging financial goals; Principal Agile consultant running presales, kick-starting new Agile engagements, driving organizational changes, coaching client executives and being a leader of a team of consultants; Agile promoter of modern management principles and practices through public speaking, supporting analyst firms and investor relations, running internal community Agile-related topics, and developing partnerships with 3rd parties. Sergey’s goal is to help organizations build sustainable and effective product development frameworks with a close focus on timely delivery of business value.