A famous quote of Derek Bok says: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

We at Luxoft appreciate the role of continuous education in raising the bar of quality of our services. This is why we joined the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) and continue to accredit our training courses with regard to ICAgile learning objectives.
Our most recent achievements are the successful accreditation of our Business Value Analysis training course and receiving the ICAgile Certified Professional badge.


Business Value Analysis training is recommended for organizational roles which deal closely with business requirements. Attendees will learn a wide spectrum of business value analysis practices, which cover all stages of new business initiatives. Course includes a lot of practical exercises and games which allow students experience different types of thinking modes, experience mindset changes and learn value management practices to improve effectiveness of the business analyst role or product owner role in agile environment.


Detailed description of learning objectives is available at ICAgile site.

If you're interested in attending ICAgile Certified Professional – Business Value Analysis or ordering a corporate training – please let us know at agile@luxoft.com.
Sergey Prokhorenko
Sergey has a computer science background and 18 years of experience in IT, including over 9 years in Agile scaling. Currently he combines several roles: Director of a company-wide Agile practice center of expertise with focus on growing a solid consulting offering and meeting challenging financial goals; Principal Agile consultant running presales, kick-starting new Agile engagements, driving organizational changes, coaching client executives and being a leader of a team of consultants; Agile promoter of modern management principles and practices through public speaking, supporting analyst firms and investor relations, running internal community Agile-related topics, and developing partnerships with 3rd parties. Sergey’s goal is to help organizations build sustainable and effective product development frameworks with a close focus on timely delivery of business value.