Excelian’s Murex Academy provides the opportunity, every quarter, for talented, technically minded individuals to train as consultants working in the financial sector on Murex projects. Murex is regularly voted the best overall platform for trading and risk management, and is used by a large number of the world’s leading buy-side and sell-side organisations.

We are very proud of our Murex Academy. Our innovative approach to training gives the opportunity for consultants to be mentored by, and work alongside, one of our subject matter experts (SMEs) in a client delivery team. Not only does the Academy ensure that Excelian has a continual stream of well-qualified people to support our clients, it also provides a unique opportunity for bright young graduates from a range of different backgrounds and nationalities to kick-start their careers and flourish as financial services consultants.
I sat down with three of this quarter’s Academy participants to find out more about them and why they joined Excelian.

Toni: Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

Michal: I have a financial background, graduating from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences with a degree in Informatics and econometrics studies with a specialisation in financial engineering. After I graduated I worked in the FX Markets for two years, where I focused on configuring FX exchange platforms.

Olga: Conversely my background is outside of the financial markets. I studied biomedical engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. Although I studied a course that on the face of it isn’t that closely related to what Excelian does, I did have a bit of experience with IT before coming to Excelian.

Daniel: I graduated from the Military University of Technology last June. At university, I focused on the electronics and telecommunications field, with a specialisation on digital systems, which is coming in handy here at Excelian.

Toni: What attracted you to Excelian?

Michal: I joined Excelian because I know that there’s so much I can learn here. For example, I’m really interested in learning more about different financial instruments such as derivatives, and Excelian struck me as the best place to learn about this. I also enjoy working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and really enjoy travelling, so Excelian’s global presence and its global mobility scheme really appealed to me.

Olga: It was mainly the large amount of training that is being offered. I was also attracted to the huge range of career possibilities on offer to employees at the company. I’m passionate about new technology, and working at Excelian gives me the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological innovation.

Daniel: I was attracted to Excelian because I wanted to combine my technical background with the financial markets. In addition I want to travel around the world and meet new people from all kinds of backgrounds. Excelian’s global presence, combined with its global mobility scheme gives me the chance to work overseas if I want to, so I’m very excited!

Toni: What have you been learning about in the Academy?

Michal: I’m currently learning about Unix, the multiuser computer operating system. This knowledge is going to be really helpful while working with Murex platform. Aside from gaining new technical knowledge, I’ve also been improving my soft skills, like public speaking, conducting conversations, as well as recognizing and understanding personality types.

Olga: In the first week we had training related to soft skills, followed by training devoted to financial markets and Unix/Linux. It’s been great working alongside people from different backgrounds: in our group there are IT specialists, economists and engineers. I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with them and working towards a common goal.

Daniel: During the Academy, I mostly developed my consultancy skills and extended my knowledge about financial markets and Unix. I have really enjoyed all the training I have received in the Academy, and I’m really looking forward to developing my new skills once I am working for one of our clients.

Toni: What do you think sets Excelian apart from other places you have worked?

Michal: Having now completed the Academy, it’s clear to me that I’m about to start a great journey here at Excelian. The atmosphere at the two offices I’ve been to, Warsaw and London, is great. All of my colleagues are friendly, and have been doing their best to help. In London in particular, I’m having a really good time, and my new friends are really helping me adjust to the new environment. Old Street is a great place to work!

Olga: The Murex Academy at Excelian is the first full time job I took on after finishing my studies. I have really enjoyed the training, working in the office, and getting to know my new colleagues. But what sets the company apart for me is the support I have been given, which has really helped me to settle in and enjoy the Academy to its fullest.

Daniel: Like Olga, this is my first job since I graduated from university, but I can tell that what sets it apart is that it is a really friendly company, and a great place where I can develop myself further on both a professional as well as a personal level.

Toni: What do you hope to gain from having taken part in the Academy?

Michal: I’m looking forward to continuing to learn the Murex platform in depth. As Excelian is one of the top Murex partners, it is the perfect place to learn more about the platform. I haven’t decided which part of the system I’d like to eventually focus on yet, but the great thing about working at Excelian is that it gives me a chance to try a wide range of projects, allowing me to discover all areas of the Murex platform – which is crucial at this stage of my career.

Olga: Now that the Academy is almost over, I’m looking forward to getting involved in one of our big projects, and continuing to learn from the many Murex experts that I will be working alongside. It’s going to be a great adventure, so I am very excited about my future at Excelian.

Daniel: I’m hoping to form great friendships within Excelian, and am looking forward to learning even more about the Murex platform – it’s going to be a great start to my career in IT.

Toni: Thanks Michal, Olga and Daniel!

Do you want to kick-start your financial services career?  Apply for the 2017 Excelian Murex Academy here.
Toni Marshall
Toni is a director within the Vendor Solutions practice of Excelian Financial Services, with responsibility for global staffing and training. In this role, Toni manages the staffing for all Vendor Solutions client delivery projects. In 2010, Toni created the Excelian graduate Murex academy in London which has now grown to be a global programme, offered in London, Warsaw, India and Singapore. Toni is passionate about staff development and manages a global L&D programme for all staff within the practice.