Joining the Murex Academy in July 2017, Sarah Jackson previously worked at a large bank where she obtained skills in the Murex practice. After a year, she heard about Excelian through a co-worker and was pulled toward its alluring “climate”.

“For me, a company is all about the community, and how close everyone is,” she said. “I could tell Excelian had that closeness in spades. Excelian was really involved in my onboarding process, making sure I liked my new role (Murex Analyst, and now a Murex Consultant) and was comfortable with it. It just feels like one big family, where anyone is open to help you in any way they can. You get to know each other on a personal level, and you never feel alone.”

Q: How did you get from learning about Murex to working as a valued member of the team? What was your journey like?

Sarah: “When I had the initial interview, I really wondered if a year’s worth of Murex experience was enough. But I made it, and joined the academy in July 2017. On the first day of being at the academy, we had lunch and got to meet senior stakeholders. And there, I remember Toni saying they already had a project lined up for me before I even started training at the academy! So after a month of training, I went straight to a client’s site.”

Q: What kind of mentoring did you experience at Murex?

Sarah: “Before I engaged with a client, I met my mentor, Michael, who wanted to go over some interview questions and give me some pointers. We sat down with his colleague, and they said, ‘Okay. Here are some questions they will ask you; let’s see how you do and we’ll try to tweak it a little bit.’ So they helped me practice before plunging me into a real interview. I felt much more prepared.”

Q: What initially attracted you to the Murex practice?

Sarah: “When I was at university getting my finance degree, I worked in Prime Brokerage at a large bank where I did the same thing day after day. And after attending the Murex Academy, all I can say is this: If you want a challenge, and you want something different every day…then Murex is definitely for you. And that’s exactly what I was after. I wanted something exciting – and being in a Murex support role, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Q: How has working at Excelian changed you as a person?

Sarah: “I had to move away from home for this job. It was really different from when I lived outside the country in Glasgow, Scotland for a year and knew I was eventually returning home. Here, I had to pack up my life without really knowing what was in store for me, and for how long. I had to be more independent and give everything 100% in order to make it and not break it.”

Q: What other opportunities has working at Excelian opened up for you?

Sarah: “I’ve met a mix of people with all levels of experience that are always willing to help me. I’ve gotten to know them both professionally and personally during my time here. Many of my co-workers feel like mentors, like my manager on the team I’m on right now. It’s actually really different from the other places I’ve worked, where there was no sense of community or mentorship. Back then, I moved around from team to team and was simply told, ‘This is your start date, and this is your end date.’ You didn’t get to know each other.

As for hard skills, I got my Agile Project Manager certification through Excelian, which I didn’t have any knowledge of before. I’ve also started my PRIMA (risk management) exams, and I hope to continue those in the future.

I’m also excited to do Excelian’s online courses that help develop soft skills, like presentation and interview skills. I just love that opportunities for growth are always there. I just have to be the one to reach out and get them.”

Q: Do you have any advice for those hoping to go into a similar field?

Sarah: “If you want something that’s different every day and opens up exciting opportunities in many different locations, then Murex is definitely for you. You work with different people, tackle different tasks and there are many areas in Murex you can go into. It will never be boring.

You don’t need to have a technical background to apply, either. There’s a technical side as well as a financial side to Murex, and you can always learn about the technical bits while on board. I’ve also seen people with other degrees like psychology or English successfully go into Murex. They find it challenging, and they enjoy it.

Truthfully, anyone can learn Murex – as long as they put their mind to it.”

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Toni Marshall
Toni is a director within the Vendor Solutions practice of Excelian Financial Services, with responsibility for global staffing and training. In this role, Toni manages the staffing for all Vendor Solutions client delivery projects. In 2010, Toni created the Excelian graduate Murex academy in London which has now grown to be a global programme, offered in London, Warsaw, India and Singapore. Toni is passionate about staff development and manages a global L&D programme for all staff within the practice.