Excelian’s team in Australia have a great reputation for delivery and our talented junior hires are integral to our continued success. Before joining a client delivery team, they attend our Academies at our London headquarters, learning from our Murex, Calypso and financial subject matter experts. In January 2017, two such juniors flew to London to attend the Murex and Calypso academies, each having a different story to share.

Choosing a path: A Murex Story

Computer science graduate, Arslan Maqsood started his career as a junior developer at a bank. After a year, he applied to Excelian through LinkedIn. He was hired along with another aspiring graduate, Darren and admitted into the Murex Academy in London.

At the academy, every 9-5 day was fruitful, but intense. During the first week at the academy, Arslan studied consultancy skills, in the second week, financial markets. The third week was spent attending Murex courses delivered by Excelian’s own trainers. Whilst familiar with Murex, he found the financial markets training a challenge, but also a great overview of how investment banks work. The three weeks were incredibly fast-paced, and he knows that his time at the Murex Academy was a worthwhile experience.

“As a niche yet relevant market, having Murex knowledge is a great foothold into the real world,” he said. “And the program is always evolving, with DevOps and cloud said to be incorporated in the coming years. The outcome of the training was really good, because we got a jumpstart to our careers,” he said.

After the academy, Arslan landed a project at a leading investment bank, working on a trade confirmation project. And whilst he didn’t have any prior experience, the Excelian team made sure to help him every step of the way, making sure he was never truly stuck.

“Even though we work on different projects, at the end of the day, we are one team working together,” he said. “I can even call Excelian colleagues working at other banks or anyone else in our consulting team to ask for help. That’s what I really like about Excelian.”

In the future, Arslan hopes to learn even more about Murex, and to have the opportunity to work directly with the Murex organization, through Excelian, to get a closer look.

Another path: A Calypso Story

Fresh from university as a finance IT graduate, Darren Whiteside had a goal in mind – and that was exposure. He knew that working with Excelian would give him great exposure to real-world environments across different companies, which a typical opportunity would not offer. So when he entered the Academy, he was really happy to work with professionals in the industry in order to get a broader overview.

“It provided me an opportunity to get a perspective in the industry from professionals in London, which is the banking centre of the world,” he said.

Like Arslan, Darren studied consultancy skills in the first week, then financial markets in the second. But unlike Arslan, during the third week Darren studied Calypso.

Despite doing some research on the Calypso platform prior to the academy, Darren found the training to be challenging due to the immense amounts of information – encompassing manuals and a user guide, each a few hundred pages long. He knew no one could master the program in a mere three weeks. Even so, the Excelian instructors were very welcoming, helpful, and understood that he was new to many of the concepts taught at the academy. With some instructors having over 10 years of experience, he was in good hands and said he continues to learn new things every day.

Darren found the soft skills training to be particularly interesting, learning how to engage with different personalities effectively after taking a color-based personality test. He also learned how to deliver presentations, break down barriers between teams and how to improve teamwork.

“Understanding how to deal with people is very important,” he said.

After the three weeks of training, Darren was extremely impressed with what he learnt through the combined efforts of manuals and expert trainers. He felt confident that he could walk into a top financial services firm and start working right then and there.

“Not many organizations would train you at an academy right before you start working,” he said.

Like Arslan, Darren was also able to secure a role on a project for a top bank in Australia. He participated in developing a market data system program RFP and PoC through the app Golden Source, and even got an award for it. After that, he was put into the team to fully implement the project, and hopes to complete it by the end of the year. This project has also given Darren the exciting opportunity to travel to Mumbai, India for two weeks of training at the Golden Source office.

“Over the year, I have worked with multiple top banks in Australia. It’s great if you’re young and trying to get a start in the industry. And even if Excelian employees aren’t working on the same project, they’re always willing to help. I’ll ask another Excelian employee, who may be 15 floors above me, and they’ll always give me a hand.”

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Toni Marshall
Toni is a director within the Vendor Solutions practice of Excelian Financial Services, with responsibility for global staffing and training. In this role, Toni manages the staffing for all Vendor Solutions client delivery projects. In 2010, Toni created the Excelian graduate Murex academy in London which has now grown to be a global programme, offered in London, Warsaw, India and Singapore. Toni is passionate about staff development and manages a global L&D programme for all staff within the practice.