Imagine a world where all your mobility needs are conveniently accessed through an app on your smartphone and delivered by autonomous vehicles…with zero emissions, zero ownership and zero accidents.

This is the reality the automotive industry is waking up to today. It will demand revolutionary technical changes, a completely different business model, as well as modern and agile ways of working.

At Luxoft Automotive we make it our mission to support our clients in making the transition to sustainable mobility by co-creating smart solutions and providing cutting-edge engineering services for all areas: digital user experience, autonomous vehicle platforms, connected mobility and financial services.

We believe the future in-car customer experiences need to be fully customizable, able to integrate intelligent services and content with any consumer’s personal digital lifestyle, and be a holistic part of a multi-model mobile-as-a-service experience.

We also believe that customer experience is the new brand, and at this years’ CES we will highlight key use-cases and technology platforms we have co-created with our partners, sparking discussion about how you can connect your customer to your brand. Together with LG Electronics, Amazon, HERE and The Qt Company, we will unveil our latest Autonomous Mobility Concept.

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Showcasing our technology innovations at CES

At our booth (#3107 in North Hall), we will provide more than 15 unique demonstrations of customer experiences, platforms and emerging technology innovations within smart and connected mobility, in-vehicle infotainment and digital cockpit, autonomous drive, as well as solutions co-created with our technology partners. CES attendees will also be able to enjoy an interactive in-vehicle experience using virtual reality (VR).

Our partners including LG Electronics, HERE, Amazon Alexa and Qt will also be demonstrating the innovative solutions they have co-created with Luxoft. Check out some teasers below:

• We will demonstrate webOS Auto, an open and ideal platform for smart, connected and shared mobility with highly scalable architecture and interconnected partnerships. webOS Auto provides the shortest path to integrating a vendor-specific user interface, complete with in-vehicle infotainment, on-demand media and stunning content delivery.

• Through our In-Vehicle User Experience with VR, we will demonstrate the future by simulating everything – from a towering cityscape, to the futuristic autonomous car you’ve hopped into – to make you feel like you’re no longer experiencing just a demo.

• We will demonstrate a stunning in-vehicle experience, via Qt on Android Automotive, which showcases how to streamline the application development process by bringing smartphone capabilities into the vehicle.

• We will show how running Populus on Cypress Amber enables you to provide a low-cost, reliable MCU that acts fast. We will also showcase Populus itself, a toolchain used in HMI development for instrument clusters and head units, which pairs perfectly with the Cypress Amber Traveo platform. Together, they create a convenient space to quickly design, develop and deploy features.

• We will showcase our AUTOSAR Adaptive solution that allows you to share information between different software applications across different platforms. This unique “common communication middleware” solution enables interoperability and the exchange of information between apps across traditionally impassable platform technology borders.

• We will demonstrate our Smart Assistant with Remote- and Self-Repair, allowing you to integrate Amazon Alexa or your own customized speech service into your ecosystem. Our Smart Assistant Solution comes with automatic software updates, remote repair, restarts and triaging to continually improve the vehicle.

• We will showcase a fully integrated digital cockpit reference platform with Qt Automotive Suite and PELUX running on ARP, allowing you to create your own customized infotainment system for your specific business needs. It helps differentiate your brand from the competition while avoiding spending time on commodity building blocks.

• We will demonstrate Cloud-based Virtual Validation of AD Algorithms, allowing you to test autonomous vehicles faster in fully customizable virtual environments right out of the box. Our solution brings together everything needed to test vehicles effectively, bundled with a scalable cloud environment. By gathering real-world data to the cloud and comparing it to virtual sensor data, our solution makes testing simple and streamlined – and with no coding required.

• We will showcase Secure and Scalable Mobility Services with Blockchain, a user-friendly solution that makes the process of sharing a car simpler than ever before. This solution enables the creation of a new, seamless, branded mobility experience by leveraging the capabilities of DLT (distributed ledger technology) and digital identity.

Join us for a personal, hands-on experience at our booth (#3107 in the North Hall). We would like to hear your thoughts about what the mobility revolution means to you and your business, and discuss how we could support you in delivering one holistic integrated customer experience to your customers.

I’d be happy to organize a personal tour and a F2F meeting with you. Click here to book a personal tour.

I look forward to welcoming you and meeting you at CES 2019.
Vildan Hasanbegovic
Vildan Hasanbegovic is passionate about driving the next revolution of the mobility ecosystem. Mr. Hasanbegovic brings vast experience in the world of smart, connected and shared mobility. He leads Luxoft’s development of emerging markets and go-to-market strategies, bringing solutions, products and services across Autonomous Drive, Connected Mobility, Digital Cockpit and Silicon Technology and Partners throughout the customer journey to markets and customers. Prior to working with Luxoft, Vildan headed global marketing at Harman, establishing the company as a leader in Automotive Connected Services. Harman served more than 80% of leading automakers and their suppliers which, ultimately, led to their acquisition by Samsung.