eCommerce: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Is using Twiiter for eCommerce something new? Not any more. Extremely wide adoption of Twitter among Internet user force businesses take actions. Publishing companies were pioneering in this field. eBusiness is next.

So, why would an eCommerce business tweet? The answer is simple, because Twitter turns out to be very efficient marketing channel for a number of reasons:

  • Twitter is informal communication tool. So seeing an update about new product from an eBusiness next to your friend’s post “cooking my favorite omelette…” spawns subliminal receptiveness
  • Twitter has viral potential. It is very easy to re-tweet someones post if you really like it. There’s abundance of desktop Twitter clients and clients for mobile devices that let you do this in a single click, Twhirl, for example.
  • Twitter is very dynamic platform. Twitter itself is over-simplistic, but the whirl around it becomes extremely powerful and there are hundreds tools, web sites, search engines, mashups for Twitter provided by 3rd parties.
eCommerce companies understand that and use Twitter feeds to become “one of your friends”.

Now ok, what if you not gonna hire a full-time person who would tweet for your eBusiness manually? There’s a great deal of flexibility using automated posting via twitter API. It supports REST potocol and simple way to script this with help of cURL tool looks like this:

curl -u alexyakima:******* -d status=”finishing my post about tweeting in ecommerce”

have a successful TweeCommerce!..

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