Recently Microsoft has released new version of Silverlight (3.0). It has even more interesting features now: it can finally live outside web browser, has now support for HD formats, advanced data binding capabilities, way more predefined UI controls, better performance solutions, etc. Here’s more at Microsoft web site about new features.

Evidently it is big step from Silverlight 2.0. In fact Silverlight 2.0 was big step too in respect to version 1 and Microsoft is evidently doing their great job in taking those leaps. Although in both RIA and media playback domains Adobe market share is much bigger. And the competition is really going strong because Adobe bringing new ideas into the infotainment sector as well. New Adobe Flex 4 haslots of new features on agenda too. And this is very exciting because while web browsers fight for being more and more of a “platform” rather than a “browser”, RIA world acquires more and more perfection.

Even more exciting – HTML 5 (see links #1, #2 and #3). There’s certain thinking that there might be a threat to Silverlight and Flash in this crucial step forward in hypertext specification. Paul Krill expresses his interesting opinions inthis Infoworld article. Here’s ubiquitous Robert Scoble with his ideas about Silverlight/Flash competition.
Alex Yakima
Paul is a software architect for Luminis Technologies and the author of “Building Modular Cloud Apps With OSGi”. He believes that modularity and the cloud are the two main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Today he is working on educational software focussed on personalised learning for high school students in the Netherlands. Paul is an active contributor on open source projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE and Bndtools.