This week there’s simple and at the same type deep question for a poll:

Which web browser is most innovative in your opinion?

This should be based on your software development  experience or user experience or whatever the good feeling you have about certain family of web browser – express it! Next Friday we will summarize the results.

Besides simple clicks, if you have any thoughts or remarks on browsers – be sure, other people would definitely like to know about it. Add comments to this post. Anything related to browsers, add-ons, web experience…
Alex Yakima
Paul is a software architect for Luminis Technologies and the author of “Building Modular Cloud Apps With OSGi”. He believes that modularity and the cloud are the two main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Today he is working on educational software focussed on personalised learning for high school students in the Netherlands. Paul is an active contributor on open source projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE and Bndtools.