Tiny Note About Food And ... Software Platforms

Sometimes I have this weird desire for fast food. I know… I know… I want to share my observations though that I’ve made just an hour ago. There’s a place I go to sometimes in the city center, it’s big underground plaza, a cirle with a good dozen of fast food restaurants. And almost all of them empty but two: worldwide known brand and another one, local fast food which deserves attention for a reason, I suppose. What they offer is baked potato, stuffed with what you want it to be (you got a choice of 8-10 ingredients). People love having options and particularly being able to participate in final product. All rest of the brands there don’t let you do that, it’s just not their business model.

The point is that the desire of being able to choose from a set of options is not just subliminal desire to control things but also helps you find what you want. This is true for software development platforms. Sometimes you can’t even distinguish different hyper-mega-feature-rich platform from each other because what you as a customer are interested in is far beyond feature richness. It is the ability to customize for your business. And if a software development platform allows for relatively easy customization, it makes it an outstanding product, one of those rare crowdy places…

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