Update: More Certainty With Azure Now

Good news! Some sort of certainty in respect to Microsoft Azure cloud storage/cloud computing platform. This would certainly be something that other prospective cloud computing companies have been looking out for. It’s got it’s business model now and the official public GA date. More details in this TechCrunch post.

This is good news and pricing seems reasonable but… there’s little questionable piece in this pricing model: how it depends on computing capacity? To read more about this issue as well as the comparisson of Azure vs Amazon WS – go to Burton Group Blog.

Another interesting idea: Azure and AWS will not fit every business need and specifically some businesses will be inevitably aiming at running their private cloud storage services and doing everything in-house. You can read more about that inthis Virtualization Journal article.

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I think this idea is not my one and not being new. However it looks rather interesting. For me it looks like current crisis is not a kind of ‘financial crisis launched by subprime mortgage problems’, but just a crisis of innovation ideas.