Webinar >> Requirements Diligence: The Cornerstone to Ecommerce Project Success

I’m glad to announce that our partnerElastic Path Software will conduct webinar:

Requirements Diligence: The Cornerstone to Ecommerce Project Success

We work side to side with Elastic Path providing professional services on configuration and setup of the Elastic Path eCommerce platform. I think the subject itself deserves separate post. Today although I want to emphasise the importance of right approach to initially capture the requirements for eCommerce site and then properly manage it along the setup and customization process. In fact it is big part of agile development process which both Elastic Path Software and Luxoft are big proponents of.

“Whether you are building your requirements for an in-house software development project or just trying to deciding what to do, requirements are the cornerstone of success. But it’s not just motherhood and apple pie. Requirements need to go beyond a wish list of needed features and capabilities.
In this one-hour webinar, ecommerce industry expert Bernardine Wu, CEO of consultancy at FitForCommerce, will share key strategies and tactics to help you build the most effective, bullet-proof requirements to ensure project success.
Webinar takeaways:
• How to build a comprehensive requirements set
• How to incorporate workflow design and best practices into your requirements
• How to use benchmarking and market data to justify your requirements
• How to distinguish between a must-have vs. should-have vs. nice-to-have
Bernardine Wu, CEO of consultancy, FitForCommerce”
Follow this link to register.

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