Software delivery management is a multidisciplinary framework which enables mature delivery by IT vendors to client organizations.

Here are some key characteristics:

  • Establishing practical values for software delivery management is essential in a world of enterprise Agile practices

  • Racing to keeping up with the rapid advancement of software development, practical values are preferred over traditional practices

  • Sharing experiences of practical themes over traditional themes is invaluable

  • Recognizing the importance of traditional themes, our objective is simply to realign them with more practical perspectives

  • Adopting practical values and perspectives is vital for both client and IT vendor organizations

The management approach has undergone a gradual transformation over past decades to align with increasingly Agile delivery practices. The emphasis on practical and iterative approaches has increased significantly since the Agile manifesto was embraced by the software fraternity. Traditional management approaches are always respected and continue to deliver results. However, practical trends and values that are more readily accepted by organizations, are emerging.

Download our guide to find out more about the key practical values and how they compare to their traditional counterparts.
Balaji Venkatramani
Solution Lead, Engineering Processes
Balaji is a senior director with Luxoft India. He leads engineering process solutions, globally, across lines of business and is responsible for delivery strategy for the APAC region. During his 22 years in the IT industry, Balaji has driven large-scale technology solutions and transformation initiatives in Silicon Valley technology companies, as well as service partnerships with global financial clients. He has extensive experience in knowledge transitions, transformations, Agile, DevOps, big data and analytics, cloud and program management.