Last year, Luxoft was voted as Mexico’s best mid-sized multinational company to work for. This year, The Great Place to Work Institute again recognized Luxoft Mexico as one of the top 10 companies to work for, in the “Multinational Organizations with 50 to 500 Employees” category.

This is a direct result of Luxoft’s strategic focus on offering the best IT jobs, which means developing and retaining the best engineering talent in a truly global culture, and establishing a great working environment based on constant growth, job security and technological excellence.

We are proud to be creating some of the very best IT jobs in the “Software Development” segment. However, we are also aware that we should not take this for granted, moving forward continually to earn a regular place among likely candidates. We know that our ability to provide the best client solutions relies on attracting the best talent. And, in turn, this depends on the team generating quality work in a creative environment that drives performance.

Great Place to Work is an international consulting company that helps corporations identify, create, and maintain positive work environments by developing cultures that emphasize raising and sustaining stakeholder confidence levels. The company works with enterprises, nonprofit organizations and government institutes in over 57 countries worldwide. We, at Luxoft, are honored to receive this recognition.

Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo Ruiz is Regional Manager, Luxoft Mexico. Mr. Ruiz has gained extensive international business experience over the last 15 years, holding key positions at several leading manufacturing and IT companies in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since joining Luxoft, he has taken part in multiple projects, expanding his knowledge right across the lines of business.