The world of healthcare is changing – and we’re ready for it.

Appian, a leading low-code and business process management (BPM) platform provider, is now working in a global partnership with Luxoft to deliver end-to-end, low-code solutions to healthcare and life sciences companies around the world. At the Appian World annual user conference held this past April, Appian recognized Luxoft as a premium partner in the healthcare and life sciences space, highlighting our work together and the multitude of opportunities this partnership will allow in the future.

The Appian platform can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, and integrates across countless systems. This powerful combination allows us to deploy solutions to businesses across the globe in days instead of weeks. We’re looking forward to leveraging our partnership to further healthcare disruption and patient-centric care.

What’s our plan?

In a competitive landscape, agility is key. With the marketplace for care as well as coverage of care drastically changing over the past decade, the healthcare industry must meet patient and member demands now more than ever. The Appian platform combined with Luxoft’s technology and industry expertise helps businesses streamline clinical operations, manage provider directories, and maintain regulatory compliance in real-time. With a beautiful, user-friendly interface that can be produced in the cloud or on-premise across multiple browsers and devices, companies can quickly build and deploy custom web and mobile applications to increase productivity while cutting costs.

1: Provider Lifecycle Management with Luxoft

Healthcare payers constantly struggle with a time-consuming cycle of verifying their credentials in order to add them to their directory. From recruiting providers, to checking certifications, to negotiating contracts and finally making providers available for members, it can be a slow process. Payers must also re-verify provider credentials every few years, making this cycle an ongoing challenge.

This slow, often manual process is ripe for disruption.

With Appian, Luxoft offers a solution for managing this process, which includes automated primary source verification (PSV) tools to verify credentials during the necessary timeframe – making for an easy and repeatable process. Our framework, Provider Lifecycle Management, speeds up the provider onboarding and management cycle exponentially. Instead of manually performing every step, this solution connects to the national provider identifier (NPI) and then verifies and updates provider credentials automatically.

By using one cohesive process to maintain the provider verification cycle (instead of multiple processes across payer systems), this solution creates a single, end-to-end process that cuts costs, reduces workforce hours and helps eliminate confusion between systems.

2: Healthcare Accumulators Solution with Blockchain

In the healthcare payer space, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums must be processed carefully. Managed as accumulators, both medical and pharmacy claims processing systems need to be in sync to provide accurate amounts from pharmaceuticals, to payers, to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), to the patient. But with current technology, systems not run in real time could be out of synchronization for as long as 24 hours, risking inaccurate charges and increasing patient frustration.


By connecting Appian, Luxoft offers a secure, reliable and auditable way for health and pharmaceutical plan systems to share and update real-time accumulators. Our Blockchain-based Healthcare Accumulators Solutioncreates a single, unified interface that boosts business efficiency within the organization and is even enablable across organizations. With the power of blockchain, this solution increases customer satisfaction while opening doors to new partnership opportunities in a trusted environment.


Curious about what we can do for your business?

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Gianni Piccininni
VP & Managing Director of HCLS