The transformation of how we live, work and play through the Internet of Things is rapidly expanding to how we travel, not just in our cars but when we fly, take a train or even grab a bus. At Luxoft, we’re leveraging our growing expertise in connectivity, data, analytics and cloud technology to help improve how people travel regardless of which mode or number of modes a traveler takes to get to their destination.

To this end, Luxoft is helping Vantage Power, a designer and manufacturer of hybrid powertrains for bus OEMs and as a retrofit solution for buses already on the road, obtain, analyze and present vehicle data to its customers in ways that improves operational efficiency and reliability while reducing fleet maintenance costs. Through Vantage Power’s VP Vision product, we’re helping them connect vehicle data and advanced energy management firmware with sophisticated analytics for remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance over the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud based platform bringing the powerful benefits of the Internet of Things to buses.


Vantage Power ( ) hybrid powertrains enable operators to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hybrid buses, and with a short payback period. In addition to their tangible product development, Vantage Power recognized that performance data would be a critical product component and included remote telemetry as standard. Effective use of data is at the core of VP Vision enabling enhanced fleet management, maintenance, fuel economy and emissions monitoring.

VP Vision has been designed and developed by Vantage Power in conjunction with Luxoft combining product and industry expertise with IoT-based technology, strategy and design knowledge. Leveraging Amazon Web Services based architecture (see diagram) it is truly a global service, built to scale, running 24/7, using the best end-to-end encryption available.

Today, VP Vision is obtaining, analyzing and presenting vehicle data in a way that has not been done before, gaining insights that have never been possible and transferring this capability directly to customers. While it already offers an unparalleled service to the bus industry, more importantly, it has laid the foundations to deliver more new features in the months and years to come with a number of simple aims:

  • Optimize the running of hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Prevent failures to maximize vehicle availability.
  • In the event of failure, ensure the quickest and most efficient diagnosis and resolution.
  • Ensure minimal spare parts need to be held by our customers.
  • Provide the best and most accessible training to those working on the vehicles.
  • Reduce the administrative burden and provide advanced capabilities such as:
    • Geo-fencing
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Machine Learning

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