Husain Bata is a Java Developer working at Excelian Luxoft Financial Services. He joined Excelian as a result of the acquisition of derivIT; he specializes in Java application design and development, Big Data Development, Enterprise Application Development, and Agile Methodologies.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and experience prior to joining Excelian?

I joined derivIT as an intern in November 2014, after achieving a Bachelor of Computer Application in Computer Programming. derivIT is the first company I have worked for and has kickstarted my career in IT consultancy. Working for derivIT, which was then acquired by Excelian Luxoft Financial Services, has been a wonderful journey. I am a Java developer, creating tools on top of Murex services, mostly helping on the reconciliation side. I've been doing that for 3.5 years now. During my time with Excelian, I have progressed from being an intern to an analyst role.

Tell us about your progression at Excelian so far.

So far, so good! I was previously working on a project for a large Chinese Bank as an offshore resource, developing a Java-related tool to help them with their reconciliations. Now, after signing up to Excelian’s Internal Mobility programme, I am working onsite at a large global financial institution in Singapore, which has helped me career-wise, as well as financially. So everything is good! Recently we successfully completed the go-live for the Chinese entity; for this project I was playing an important role in the conversion.

What do you like about Excelian?

First thing, there are a lot of opportunities in Excelian. After derivIT transformed into Excelian, I was offered an Internal Mobility opportunity very quickly. The vast number of opportunities is one of the best things I like at Excelian. If you think you would like to work on something new or learn something new, then the concept of Internal Mobility is for you. Another thing is that there are quite a lot of social activities going on regularly: those help us to cheer and refresh from a busy day-to-day life. Also there is a portal where we can subscribe to books in order to improve our knowledge - that's another great point for Excelian. Excelian's Bangalore office is hiring freshers and gives them great opportunities to learn Murex and be a part of great niche, high profile, projects. So there a lot of things to be happy about!

Could you please tell us about your experience with the Internal Mobility process? Specifically, how you were supported in finding opportunities, relocation, etc.?

The mobility manager was very helpful: she helped me in each and every stage of mobility and answered all my questions. They helped me with all the queries that I had, from interviewing to getting onboarded - it was very smooth at every stage.

Would you recommend Internal Mobility to your colleagues?

Yes, definitely. They can get great opportunities in other locations or positions through this programme.

How quickly did you adapt to a new country? What are your first impressions?

Singapore wasn't entirely new to me, because I was travelling there before. Now as I work long-term, and the place is good! A very welcoming country, the people here are great as well.

What opportunities have opened up for you in Singapore?

It's been only 2.5 months since I arrived at Singapore, but I'm learning a lot on my new project, including a new scripting language. I'm also working on the client site and I have the opportunity to explore Unix professionally. All these things help me to improve my skills. I'm sure the new work on the upcoming project will boost my skills even more.

What would your advice be for those who want to build their careers at Excelian?

Always look for opportunities within the company. Internal Mobility is a great way to find them!
Husain Bata