Financial crisis or crisis of ideas

I think this idea is not my one and not being new. However it looks rather interesting. For me it looks like current crisis is not a kind of ‘financial crisis launched by subprime mortgage problems’, but just a crisis of innovation ideas.

Let’s see. 1930s… Crisis, Great Depression.40s… no comments. 50s – years of Big Automotive Dream, cars are the main engine of the progress and trading. 60s – nuclear and space technologies. 70s – no main innovative idea, crisis. Exited with Computer Epoch. 90s – mobile telephony. And with the tail of Cellphones Age, with smartphones and PDAs we entered the new millenium. This introduced us into the “mobile” era with mobile banking, internet banking, mobile shopping, and so on. This seems to be the era where we seem to have an app for everything. So, new mobile technology divisions like iphone app development and android app development have got us  on a path of app development software. Cloud storage and cloud computing also seems to be a promising avenue. Yet, there is no new great innovation, driving our mind, which we ready to fund, inflating world economic.

If I am right, there is only one way to completely exit this crisis: to identify another innovative idea which becomes the goal for mass market. There is a need for us to make breakthroughs in the development of energy management systems and options for smart energy. The only a problem, typically ideas come themselves, it can not be brought from outside and enforced to the mind. So, waiting.

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