A softer side of team building is in motion at Luxoft with the launch of Luxoft’s Euro Soccer Championship 2014.
An expert in AGILE Methodology, Luxoft is expanding its team building strategies to the real playing field. As our Luxoft AGILE experts would agree our processes are sometimes more important than the results. It is the learning we do in the process that is essential. The learning on the playing field takes it to yet another level.

“First of all, however, the main goal of the Soccer Championship to inject some joy and playing field fun into everyday Luxoft life. It is a unique opportunity for us to leverage our global outreach as a company, to really feel our global-ness,” said Dmitry Loschinin, Luxoft President & CEO. “Soccer is also a team sport. It can be, however, very competitive but we support healthy competition. We want the championship to inspire an even greater team spirit. Let’s make it a moment when the people in the company think about their colleagues across the globe.”


The Championship is made up of six teams representing Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Executive Management. The National Teams have been gearing up for the Championship with finalist games in their respective countries.


Luxoft Bulgaria office having just opened in 2014 has the newest soccer team. The Bulgarian Luxoft team is composed of IT QA’s/ Test Automation experts, Developers and Support experts. In contrast Luxoft Romania has been holding annual summer soccer championships with more than ten teams for the last two years. So the playoffs for this first Euro Championship had emotions as high as the expectations. Romania’s finalist team members are all IT programmers with various levels of expertise. You can describe the Romanian team as competitive but with a team spirit and simple joy of playing soccer.

Let’s hear fr om the players themselves. “The Polish team can be described with three words: fast, focused and furious!” said Krzysztof Cichon. “The credo of the team is never give up, stay focused, follow the strategy and have fun. I believe that being part of a team means achieving a common goal, wh ere everyone is responsible for their part of a job. This applies both to work on the field and everyday Luxoft.”
Mariusz Grodek mentioned that despite the fact that the Polish team was constructed from people who didn't know each other, they actually were able to synch together from the very first kick. He said that the best quality of their team is that they are complementary to one another.

Calin Pelcea of Romania says, “I have been playing soccer within the company for more than four years and it brings me great satisfaction because soccer is my favorite sport. I'm very happy to be part of Luxoft Romania's football team and to have the chance to play against the best Luxoft teams of the world.”

Whereas Georgi Kokonov of Luxoft’s new Bulgaria office shared that being part of the Luxoft soccer team was a great opportunity to practice his favorite sport while getting to know his colleagues. A real team building experience for sure.


On the other hand, the Executive Management Team spans from Europe to Asia, with the Managing Director of Vietnam on the team. The Executive Management Team brings together the IT powerhouse of not only the CEO but also great movers in Automotive, Finance, Telecom, and Global Marketing.

“I am sure our competitive advantage will be that our Executive Management Team is multinational. When different mindsets from various countries collaborate it creates the best spirit and power,” said Michael Friedland, Luxoft’s Executive Vice President.
Luxoft’s joining of employees literally from around the globe, albeit mostly from Europe, to compete in a Euro Championship is symbolic of Luxoft’s unity and global collaboration. This sports initiative is in synch with Luxoft’s Global Upgrade Program which concentrates on strengthening five pillars within Luxoft including its Global Culture and Global Communication, as well as Global Management, Global Sales, and Global Delivery.