Being a global company across continents and cultures, Luxoft is always perfecting the art of teamwork. As an IT solutions provider, Luxoft teams work together to create innovation on a daily basis. Inventing imagination around Technology is an art that demands seamless teamwork and one-ness as a global force.

Meeting the challenge of being truly “global” on all levels, Luxoft developed a corporate Olympics program. The initiative aims to unite as “one” team the entire global entity. Luxoft spans over 15 countries and even more cultures and traditions.

Both on and off the field Luxoft aims to live the innovation with which it designs IT Solutions for some of the world’s largest brands. Luxoft established corporate Olympics in order to empower and encourage employees to live the values they interject in every Luxoft project.

As Monica Vierita, Head of Luxoft Olympics Committee explains,

Besides the entertainment aspect, sports are something so universal that they allow us to connect with each other, regardless of geography and distances.


Monica continues,

We can connect sports in so many ways with our corporate values. You talk about Commitment, and that is how you can achieve high performance, reaching Excellence. One needs Creativity to find winning solutions during the games, while Agility helps in maintaining the right speed, strength and balance. When we talk about team sports, Relationships play an important role in keeping the team’s unity and coordination. Last but not least, sports are all about having Fun (though I have some colleagues – soccer players – that would argue that this is something really serious.

Luxoft Olympics is comprised of a series of sporting events conducted throughout the year. The Olympic Games include matches in Soccer, Chess, Darts and Table Tennis.


The initial launch of the Luxoft Olympic Games 2015 begins with a Soccer Championship.


The Soccer Semi-Final Games included teams from: Bulgaria, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA and Vietnam. The Semi-Finals took place this August and September leading up to the Final and Championship Games to take place on October 10th at a resort in Antalya, Turkey.

Catch a Glimpse of the Finalist Teams


Pulling an Olympic program together is no small feat attests Luxoft’s VP of HR, Elena Goryunova; however, the effort is worth the rewards of personnel team strength which is essential for Luxoft.

The Luxoft Olympics are complete with mascots, sport uniforms, and local competitions that work toward global competitions. There are no couch potatoes at Luxoft. The internal hype even encourages news coverage of the events that can be followed on mobile applications of Luxoft’s internal portal.

Luxoft finds that corporate sports provide this segue to integration of some of the most elementary and challenging teamwork dynamics. It often can propel teams, corporations and individuals to greatness. We are expecting great things from our ONE but global team,
said Kateryna Hubaryeva, Luxoft’s Director of Global HR.