California ISO Opens Market to New Demand Response Product

Something is going to change dramatically, with open market of Demand Response providers opening. Now they can not only propose services of load shedding, but they have to compete with each other, proposing best service quality, better timing and accuracy.  It is obvious, that the IT support of proxy demand resources is crucial to success. And we will see (and participate, of course) the process of creating and deploying outstanding solutions for an effective energy management system in nearest future.

And still there is no single standard of interoperability that makes it difficult to establish seamless integration processes between market participants. And that’s clearly a problem, as it enables a bunch of useless costly efforts while deploying each and every project by different teams with different views and strategies.

OpenADR is too generous and doesn’t cover all the issues, much has to be done by demand response providers themselves.  And I’m still not aware of open APIs published by Utilities to connect to their systems. Demand Response is still more a set of tricks and dispersed technologies with no single architecture.

By the way I will show one approach to the generous architecture and practical implementation of demand response automation framework, based on complex event processing and wireless network,  on Metering Europe 2010 in Vienna, Austria.

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