Demand Response became a buzzword maybe year ago. Spending some time trying to understand, what market players mean by it, I cleared out that despite the fact, that everyone is using it with the same idea in mind (effective energy management), the concept behind the word is different in different minds.

Some people think that it is making people to consume less of electricity. other think that it is a way Utility try to save their cost, enabling customers turning off the appliances they need now. Some are talking about Electric Vehicle usage as portable batteries.

As Luxoft recently announced it’s own Demand Response Platform, let me describe what we are thinking about DR in real life.

I personally believe that demand response is not about consuming less electricity, but it is about how to consume MORE of electricity and use more electric company services. It is clear for everybody, that most of ways we spend our time requires power supply – videogames, cinema, whatever. And the richer is our live with events, the more electricity our Utility need to provide. But they are limited with generation. And the consumers tend to use the power the Utility has generated at the same time- at weekends, after coming back from home. And they are struggling with the lack of imbalance between generation and consumption, they have to do something with.

Imagine you have a set of appliances in home – AC, boilers, heaters, light, all the stuff that makes your electricity bill higher. And Utility now have access to all this devices. They are wireless, so you don’t need additional wires in you house. Your meter became wireless to, and now it can send the data to the Utility every 5 minutes. If Utility sees with all these meters data, that the consumption is becoming too high and the energy price will soon rise to the sky, they send a command to your thermostat to lower the temperature just by 2 degrees. You may not notice that. But on a scale of a city your Utility will feel the difference. This goes into the creation of a great energy management system. But what If you are not in agreement with someone operating your devices?

Imagine you have a portal on your iphone, smartphone and a display on a wall. And just one click changes it all and no one can setup your devices for now?

All this is called Demand Response in action and this is exactly what DRFusion framework does, create an efficient and user friendly energy management system