Covid-19 is brand new territory for us all. Although an unknown quantity just a matter of weeks ago, virtually every country has now been affected, with hundreds of thousands of cases reported worldwide. Everyone knows someone in self-quarantine. 

Global Business Is Suffering Greatly, Too

Every single industry is facing fresh challenges, with illness and absence disrupting project velocity and compromising business continuity. Budget cuts, project postponements and recruitment freezes are standard practice as decision-makers prepare for global recession; a sharp about-turn from the optimism of Q4 2019 forecasts.

Working From Home

People are having to get used to remote working from home in isolation – many for the first time in their lives. And they’re having to do it with little practical support, and only the threat of wage restraint and redundancy to keep them company.

Organizations cannot afford to cast their workforce adrift for longer than absolutely necessary because, despite the inevitable economic downturn, this crisis will pass. And how well you deal with the new trading realities will be determined by the actions you and your competitors take in the coming days and weeks.

The Virtual Water Cooler Factor

Operational stability is your first priority. Make an instant commitment to empower your employees, care for your customers and resolve your resources. Close working relationships are vital for clear communication and a central pillar of good business practice. But, without the opportunity to meet colleagues face-to-face, we miss the facial expressions and body language, which generally account for up to 50% of intended (and unintended) communication.

With a new remote workforce, enabling effective collaboration between teams is crucial because you still need them to generate the same level of output to support business continuity. 

Here are five immediate actions you can take to reenergize your employees and stabilize your business:

1. Deploy remote working:
  • Optimize and scale remote work from home solutions to enable new ways of collaborating
  • Connect your employees anytime, anywhere and on any device. Maintain enterprise data security and accessibility, plus regulatory/legal compliance
  • Rapidly deploy support capabilities
2. Enhance capacity and enable business continuity:
  • Address the capacity gap, optimizing IT to increase efficiency and cut costs
  • Access critical skills and expertise remotely or in data centers
  • Communicate with customers and business partners – they will remember your positive and consistent actions in difficult times. Prove you’re a true partner
3. Enable virtual teamworking
  • Industry favorites: Zoom (video conferencing), Confluence (collaboration), Jira (project tracking), Mural / Miro (whiteboards) and Microsoft Teams / Slack (instant messaging)
  • Revise remote working policies
4. Plan business continuity and future growth:
  • Support the acceleration of business continuity. Deploy flexible and resilient IT
  • Create virtual workspaces that are both collaborative and engaging
  • Develop transparent supply chains, flexible enough to cope with sudden change
5. Manage resources:
  • Establish clear priorities for projects and services
  • Synchronize with vendors to allow realistic planning
  • Initiate secure, reliable and scalable operations
The Sun Will Rise Again 

What happens over the next couple of months will change the way global business operates, possibly forever. As night follows day, this will lead to new business models and, who knows, global mobility might well become our new operating standard. And when the clouds part again, you’ll be in fine form to take advantage of the new reality.

Luxoft has guided organizations like yours through business crises of one sort or another for 20 years or more. Our agile approach allows us to assemble the very best talent for each project and deliver from anywhere in the world.

Read a practical guide to establishing a remote workforce we put together for you.

Sam Mantle
A dynamic global business leader and technology executive. He has a strong track record of business partnership, digital transformation, successful IT delivery and talent development across diverse geographies and functional areas. Sam is passionate about leveraging technology to realize business value and high performance in Healthcare, Life Sciences and data driven companies. He is equipped with an agile, collaborative and entrepreneurial mind-set combined with a willingness to challenge his team, peers and business executives to achieve ambitious goals.