The who, what, and crucially where of software development

Choose the right location to source your software engineering talent and get more coding-effort bang for your developmental buck


BlueOptima measures the comparative
output of each team or individual

The BlueOptima Global Benchmark Report compares developer productivity, evaluating quality and cost efficiency by measuring the percentage of billable hours spent delivering maintainable source code changes.


Their last four reports showed Ukraine is the highest performing location in Eastern Europe and more cost effective than any other region.

Ukraine has the highest and
most cost-effective performers


Seniors are essential for complex software environments

Fewer junior developer in demand
  • 2019: 12% of all job offers were for juniors
  • 2020: Only 5%
More seniors needed
  • 2019: 36%
  • 2020: Almost 50% of all job offers targeted seniors

Seniors are essential for complex software environments

It’s about getting the right talent, at the right scale, and the right price. Ukraine has a remarkably deep pool of the right kind of technical talent.

Our expert teams help clients determine the tech stack most likely to suit the complexity, maintainability and scalability of each project before selecting the most appropriate tools for software development. Here’s a breakdown of the technology specialists we look to recruit across mainstream languages:

Luxoft core recruitment in Ukraine


% calculated among TOP-10 specializations TOP-10 - 66%; Others - 36%


How come developers in
Eastern Europe score so highly?

Countries in the region place great importance on educational STEM subjects, plus attention to detail and quality of code in the workplace. Luxoft has a strong presence in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine:

  • 15 years in Ukraine

  • 3 major sites — Kyiv, Odessa and Dnipro

  • 80 clients

  • 42% of our engineers have senior-level skills

Luxoft in Ukraine — key facts



Luxoft developers


managers in leadership training programs


of our engineers have been with Luxoft for more than 4 years


have a master's degree or higher, and 6+ years' deep technical scientific education