A global leader in designing sustainable agricultural equipment, trucks, buses, marine vehicles and powertrain solutions needed a reliable and structured cybersecurity process for their still in-development tractors in order to identify and assess risks in regards to vehicle security standards.
• Leveraged expertise in automotive and information security to develop a tool that follows SAE J3061 standard for vehicle cybersecurity
• Structured the security process by creating a workflow, definition of steps, best practices and documented expected results
• Redesigned TARA tool to align with client’s tractors to easily identify and prioritize product-specific security risks using a scoring system
• Updated RASIC tool in order to assign definitive cybersecurity roles within the company and label who is accountable for each security-related duty
• Created client’s first ready-to-use tool and trained how to use it in order to perform Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment for ongoing and new projects to adhere to vehicle security standards
• Instilled confidence for client’s products in regards to cybersecurity, which increases customer appeal and avoids hassle of sending products back to client after distribution due to a security failure
Full case study (3081 kB)

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