One of the ten largest banks was executing in a waterfall delivery model that was taking over 3 months to deliver against business requirements. The treasury department needed a better model that’s transparent, scalable, and would decrease time to market by quickly responding to regulatory requirements with a higher quality production code.
• Large-scale Scrum process with cross-functional teams and cross-program CoP.
• Shortened and unified release cycles across all teams.
• Story mapping and discovery of key business scenarios.
• Clear acceptance criteria for top priority stories.
• High scalability due to process clarity, reliability and teams’ self-organization.
• Less strict and more straightforward delivery framework.
• Reduced time-to-market (release cycle) from 3 months to 6 weeks.
• Smooth scaling from 70 to 130 FTE in 18 months (by mid 2014).
• Clear team velocity (measured in story points valuable for business).
• 70 to 130 FTE in 18 months (by mid 2014).

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