Luxoft was asked to help Microsoft design and deliver an engaging, interactive and consistent way to highlight key benefits for over 5000 devices and software in more than 105 retail stores worldwide.
• An interactive display to showcase applications and related accessories that is complete with usage reporting and device engagement analytics to enhance the experience for each customer in the store.
• A platform that adapts to all product, services, and brands, with immersive content. A cloud-based retail merchandising application that can configure devices, push demos and promotion offers from one centralized location to every retail location and device on display.
• A real-time visual dashboard measuring “store health” that continuously monitors digital merchandising and device engagement analytics.
• Self-guided immersive experiences at POS that showcase the powerful benefits of Microsoft products.
• Through Luxoft’s Operational intelligence IoT services, Luxoft offers store employees the ability to get live updates about each individual devices as well as IT automation, remote deployment and real-time time ticket support.
• Delivers more efficient, consistent content management for a fraction of the cost.

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