The goal was to develop a state-of-the-art infotainment system for the European and US market with special features like downloadable applications and hybrid mode. The touch-based system also would take into account the driving distraction regulations for the US market.
• Analyzed current infotainment systems, design language from Toyota and all required applications that should be integrated in the system.
• Had several workshops with the customer’s different departments at Toyota like marketing, technology and design to come up with several concepts for the infotainment system.
• Developed a touch-based infotainment system that’s easily integrated into Toyota’s vehicles, and a documented concept and graphic style guide.
• Defined an agile review process with the customer and a lean and fast development process with the software development for graphic integration.
• Different graphic styles and specific behavior for the markets in Europe and US all accounted for to expand client’s market.
• 3D Visualization of new features like hybrid mode with nice animations to make an attractive user experience that’s memorable and easy to navigate.
• Fulfilled the AAM Driver Distraction Guidelines for US market.

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