Microsoft challenged Luxoft to create an engaging and memorable retail experience in order to bring more customers to their brick and mortar stores and increase sales to combat the growing popularity of internet shopping.
• Developed an interactive in-store application suite that gathers real-time customer data and displays relevant products for customer based on customer behavior with the display
• Created a dashboard to monitor customer behavior analytics over time across all 5000+ in-store displays
• Made this a cloud-based suite, so client can configure devices, push demos and promotion offers from any centralized location to every store
• The suite quickly adapts to new products, services and brands with immersive content

• Creates a unique and immersive personal experience for the customer that is tailored to their needs, helping the customer explore what they want to see in order to increase the chances of purchase
• Allows client to manage all displays at once from one location in order to save time and reduce costs
• Can quickly promote any product/service/brand, so customer can always find info on what they’re looking for, boosts customer satisfaction
Full case study (204 kB)

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