A longtime leader in agriculture, John Deere challenged Luxoft with helping them stay competitive and maintain their leadership position as agriculture moves into the digital age. They wanted to develop a set of apps for customers to monitor performance of their equipment out in the field, providing real-time insight across the entire crop cycle – from initial planting to harvest – to help optimize yield and increase profits.
• Luxoft developed a system that helps farmers maximize their time in the field with real-time combine performance insight and guidance for adjusting combine settings.
• System sends data back to John Deere to inform future product engineering and help customers via MyJohnDeere.com portal do analysis, such as comparing low yield areas to seed performance.
• Using real-time combine insight to adjust settings and performing detailed analysis helps increase yield right away and in the future.
• Farmers track crop cycle processes digitally to help avoid mistakes.
• New system differentiates this product line from competitors and boosts equipment performance to increase customer satisfaction.
• Mobile SDK and additional apps under development for client to monetize agriculture efforts industry-wide.
Full case study (87 kB)

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