A commercial airline operating more than 3,800 daily flights nationwide challenged Luxoft to help them reduce flight delays and cancellations due to service issues. The airline tasked Luxoft with developing a system that would predict maintenance needs before issues arise as well as speeding repairs when breakdowns occur in the field. The airline desired an automated system that would improve the quality of information and insight compared to its previous approach of manual retrospective analysis of engine telemetry data.
• Built a fully automated predictive maintenance solution that ingests and structures aircraft telemetry, log data, and reference data for real-time analysis.
• Created an easy-to-use analytics tool and dashboard for gaining insight across the fleet.
• Designed a predictive maintenance model across various plane models and manufacturers.
• A system for reducing service issues in the field that predicts maintenance needs before failures even occur.
• Ability to reduce operations costs from expensive repairs.
• Real-time notification to maintenance crews at next stopover that speeds repairs and resumes service with minimal traveler impact.

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