A world leader in railway transportation needed to migrate data from many legacy project management systems to a new centralized system that fits their needs. Luxoft needed to create one universal PMO platform based on Atlassian software.
• Created a new platform with RFI/RFP management and knowledgebase.
• New platform has requirements management and traceability.
• New platform has test and defects management.
• Platform has time sheeting (including in-house and vendors’ efforts).
• New platform provides custom analytics and reporting.
• Platform was integrated with external systems (User Management, BIRT reporting, TFS).
• Platform can export/Import data (e.g. to/from Excel).
• Solution serves over 2000 employees globally at all times, always accessible.
• TCO reduction due to unified PMO system implementation reduced maintenance, support, and license costs.
• Client’s process standardized and implemented companywide.
• Solution can be supported in-house without vendor involvement, saves time and reduces costs.
• High functional extensibility and scaling due to being a standard platform with a large add-ons ecosystem.
Full case study (676 kB)

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