The world’s largest software company needed a better way to compare money transfers off 3 different technology systems in order to raise visibility into their multi-billion-dollar business to ensure stable monetary flow and comply with federal regulations. Luxoft was challenged to consolidate the three different technology systems and create one consistent visualization reporting solution where the company could gain insight into recurring delays of wire transfers as well as concurrent status updates of the wire transfer to avoid possible fraud.
• Interactive reporting dashboard offered better insight for future account planning and scheduling.
• Customized visualization for business users and IT users that provided better way to visualize direct impact on the business.
• Consolidated relevant data in one central location that could detect trending data problems and segment lengths.
• Identify when and where the wire transfers have failed as well as detailed insight into where the failure occurred in the transfer process.
• From concept to finalized product in just one month’s time.
• E2E telemetry which benefits both our support and cash operations teams.
• A great new/modern UI
• Nearly $30 billion (USD Eq) in treasury payments
• Drive detailed insight on wire failures at any given time.
• Supporting insight into wire transfers that are more than a billion dollars
• Allow users to make comparisons between separate data sources
• Boost in employee productivity and overall efficiency

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