Company spent a lot of resources to manage and maintain Lump Sum customers. Client wanted to implement a new Lump Sum service delivery model that is heavily reliant on self-service & an e-commerce portal.
• Conducted detailed requirements analysis, competitors analysis, stakeholders interviews, and prepared user scenarios.
• Prepared and verified design concept based on gained knowledge.
• Developed detailed prototypes, graphical design and style guide for full scope (both front-end and back-end). Performed QA and produced a fully-functioning system as result.
• Provided intuitive, user-friendly, hassle-free portal experience for Lump Sum service delivery model.
• Developed a competitive product that differentiates the company in the marketplace.
• Reduced company`s costs required to manage and maintain Lump Sum customers through a self-service technology based solution.
• Company now has a powerful tool that increases visibility and tracking of referrals, and in turn reduces referral fee leakage.

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