Luxoft provides extensive modernization and technological innovations for the Shipments Booking and Tracking Management Systems that service the corporate clients of the world’s leading logistics company.
Full-system development services were transferred to Luxoft in just 3 months. Luxoft prepared and flawlessly executed a detailed Knowledge Transfer plan to allow a gradual, zero-business-impact transition of technological and tacit knowledge. Sticking to a rigorous due diligence process and employing technology and business subject matter experts allowed Luxoft to start modernizing the system immediately upon knowledge transfer completion.
Logistics management became easier and faster, with innovative and extremely useful functions provided by the Shipments Booking and Tracking Management portal, including:
- Booking and pre-booking
- Single sign-on
- Auto-generation of covering documents
- Document repository and link sharing
- Email templates
- Analytics and supply chain visibility with benchmarking functionality
- Luxoft ensured uninterrupted business processes, even during transferring the system as well as excellent performance, and high-quality service
- A number of technical upgrades allowed us to keep the system updated and optimize the total cost of ownership
Full case study (70 kB)

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