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Career Days for Women program

To come closer to our goal of gender equality, Luxoft is building Women in IT communities in all locations to motivate women to join the IT Industry and develop career path. In collaboration with various NGOs, we have arranged and supported meetups in Mexico, Poland, the USA, the UK, Ukraine, and Russia. Over 200 women of different ages and social groups have attended the meetups to hear presentations from Luxoft Career and IT experts and to take part in IT-skill-building workshops.

D&I workshops and learning

At Luxoft, we firmly believe that diversity in IT should be embraced and celebrated. Each and every one of us can pursue a career in IT if we are truly passionate about technology and innovation. As many of us already know, the IT industry is a true treasure trove of opportunities. It can improve the lives of many people around the world regardless of age, gender identity, race, ability, religion, or socio-economic background. We are proud to be a part of such a meaningful and exciting industry. Luxoft is leading by example and is focused on removing barriers to diversity and fostering inclusion. Despite our various locations, languages, and cultural heritages, we all work in concert and are helping to accelerate change in the world. We are introducing the world of IT to our parents and kids, helping students find their future professions in software development, and that is not to mention all that we do in our day jobs – creating cutting-edge solutions that will define the future of many industries. We try to share our expertise and knowledge with various groups of people. LuxLibrary, an internal source of educational materials, is a volunteering project conducted by Luxoft employees who were themselves the winners of a CSR Incubator grant. The team has adapted one of the LuxLibrary IT courses, Android Apps Development, for a group of people with disabilities who are supported by the Perspectiva Russia NGO. At the end of the 3-month course, students gain the skills to design user interfaces for Android apps, create simple apps, and to test apps with embedded emulators. In spring 2019, we launched Senior IT School, which teaches employee parents and grandparents basic computer skills. Over 20 Luxoft volunteers are teaching over 40 students on a regular basis. The project is currently taking place in Russian locations and has great potential. We hold multiple meetings and workshops at our offices for the disabled and disadvantaged to help them develop a career path and to motivate to join the IT industry. You are not alone is another CSR Incubator project initiated by an employee in Moscow. The project is aimed at supporting the community of young mothers in difficult life situations. The company sponsors professional courses for women to learn new skills and find jobs. There has also been a collection of kids’ goods announced in the office to provide their children with clothes, books, and toys.

Diversity Hub

At Luxoft Poland, employees are very interested in the topic of gender equality. For several reasons, the tech industry in Poland is less popular with women than in other regions of Europe. The Krakow team wants to help support women in the tech community, and ultimately encourage women to join IT. Luxoft volunteers researched the roots of the issue internally. To present their findings, they sponsored and participated in a significant industry conference called “Diversity and Inclusion Changemakers,” which connected key universities, NGOs, and public administrations.

The subject discussed was “Women in the men-dominated business environment. Focus group.” Nearly 150 representatives from various areas of business attended the conference in Krakow. The project was an important step in bringing attention to the gender equality issue for the business community as a whole as well as for Luxoft employees. Only about 20% of IT jobs are filled by women (a percentage similar to physically strenuous jobs), and this is mostly because of the stereotypes surrounding the profession.

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