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Career Days for Women in UK

Luxoft works with leaders in higher education to run pro-IT initiatives at schools and universities for young women. In addition, we have hosted and participated in events in the US, Mexico, Russia, Romania and Poland – and had an event for teenagers in the UK.

In collaboration with the social enterprise organization STEMettes, 14 young women from two local high schools – Beal High School and Royal Masonic Academy – attended a very special event at Excelian Luxoft’s London office on January 31st, 2018.

There, they participated in educational workshops, listened to women share personal experiences from their technology careers and discovered what opportunities exist for a career in IT. In addition, these individuals participated in a competition where they developed and presented a money-saving app, with prizes for the most intuitive.

Diversity Hub Conference

At Luxoft Poland, employees are very interested in the topic of gender equality. For several reasons, the tech industry in Poland is less popular with women than in other regions of Europe. The Krakow Team wants to help build and develop women in the tech community, and ultimately encourage women to join IT.

Luxoft volunteers have been researching the roots of the issue internally. And in order to present it, they sponsored and participated in a significant industry conference called “Diversity and Inclusion Changemakers,” which connected key universities, NGOs, and public administrations.

The subject discussed by the project leaders was “Women in the men-dominated business environment. Focus group.”

Nearly 150 representatives of various business areas attended the conference in Krakow.

The project was an important step in raising the gender equality issue for the business community as a whole and to our employees. Only about 20% of IT jobs are filled by women (similar to physically strenuous jobs), mostly because of the stereotypes around the profession.

Bottomless Closet, USA

Luxoft & Excelian employees and top management representatives met for the third year in a row at Luxoft's New York City office to work with the “Bottomless Closet” Foundation. Their mission was to help a group of women transition from unemployment and public assistance back to the working world.

At Luxoft, increasing gender equality, helping more women get back into the job market, and encouraging women to join the IT industry are some of our biggest goals. Acting as mentors, we had a unique chance to share the skills and knowledge these women needed to begin rebuilding their own career paths.

Women in IT

Luxoft’s video “Code has no gender” was promoted across all our locations for employees and clients alike to raise awareness concerning the lack of women in IT today. Luxoft women from Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam and Russia spoke about their path to IT, things they created, and their passion for making the world a better place by working with groundbreaking technologies. At Luxoft, we believe in providing great opportunities for everyone – regardless of gender.

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