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Recycling & Donating

In the consumer world, we often face the situation that the amount of stuff we keep at home piles up and takes up too much room. Electronics get outdated every couple years, and clothing and shoe trends change with every season. At Luxoft, we arranged a service by which we can collect goods and pass them to people in need through our NGO partners. Luxoft also contributed by giving equipment outdated for our operations but still in good shape to our partners, and this is an on-going process. Clothes are collected a couple times a year. Then everything is sorted and is either sold, with the money going to charities, or the clothes are passed to people in need. Sometimes, the clothes are recycled. In May in only Moscow, we got over 260 kg of clothing. This approach of sharing changes out consumer habits slightly for the better.

Winter markets

During the winter celebrations, Luxoft offices around the world open their doors to charity markets and other fundraising activities to support our NGO partners. The holiday season is a special time for all charity organizations, as during this period they raise the majority of the funds that allow them to run their operations. This activity enables us to take the opportunity to address significant social problems and help people outside of Luxoft. Thus, besides bringing fun and the holiday spirit to Luxoft offices around the globe, these events also help those in need.

Sport fundraising activities

We appreciate Luxoft employees’ healthy lifestyles and want to motivate them and others to join up to keep the vital energy alive. One of the ways to encourage health is to add a CSR component to exercise. Spring to autumn is the time for marathons, bike-rides, triathlons, and other invigorating activities. From 2018 to 2019, our employees have participated in 11 sport fundraising activities. One very important example of this is the “Poland Business Ru,” one of the most successful charity running events organized in Poland. Its popularity is the result of combining charitable goals with the promotion of physical fitness culture. By taking part in the Business Run, we help the beneficiaries of the Poland Business Run Foundation. The event only lasts a few hours, but it helps raise money to purchase high-quality prosthetic limbs for disabled young people, contributing to an improved quality of life for recipients. Normally, beneficiaries would have to save up for years to get these prosthetics. But thanks to this charitable initiative, the Business Run shows everyone involved the positive side of competition.

Blood donation

All of the largest Luxoft locations arrange blood-donation stations in cooperation with local NGOs twice a year. From 2018 to 2019, there were donation drives in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria. More than 250 people participated, and the donated blood has helped people who need blood transfusions, meaning it has saved lives.

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