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Doing Good in Russia

Luxoft Omsk Volunteer Group has provided humanitarian support to the local orphanage. For 3 months, Luxoft employees have been visiting the NGO to help improve its infrastructure through a number of activities. To get financial support, volunteers brought the project idea to the CSR Incubator, an internal portal of Luxoft, and was chosen as one of the winning ideas. The best projects were awarded a grant for implementing them.

From September to November 2017, our volunteers have:

  • cleaned and reconstructed the orphanage area for outdoor activities and games
  • arranged food for master classes on cooking
  • bought and donated sports equipment for "Funny starts" (relay races)
  • repaired the sports hall
  • brought office supplies
  • arranged a workshop on making birdhouses

CSR Incubator is an ongoing global project, with the submission window opening once per year. In 2017, 15 other great projects won grants and successfully conducted CSR activities.

Poland Business Run

The “Poland Business Run” is one of the most successful charity running events organized in Poland. Its popularity is the result of combining charitable goals with the promotion of physical fitness culture and business activity.

At Luxoft, we often engage in extraordinary charitable initiatives and projects that are ahead of their time, setting new trends in the process. That’s why we believe in the Kraków Business Run and have been engaged in organizing it from the beginning.

In each event, Luxoft employees create teams that consist of both IT developers and managers. This combination of experience and enthusiasm gives great results and provides a sense of doing something positive together as a team.

By taking part in the Business Run, we help the beneficiaries of the Poland Business Run Foundation. The event only lasts a few hours, but it helps raise money to purchase high-quality prosthetic limbs for disabled young people, contributing to a better quality of life. Normally, beneficiaries would have to save up for years to get these prosthetics. But thanks to this charitable initiative, the Business Run shows everyone involved the positive side of competition..

IT LUX Green, Mexico

Luxoft Mexico recently took part in the IT LUX Green initiative, which was designed to do two things: promote projects that contribute to a better environment, and have fun! The initiative consisted of four categories: eliminating car usage, carpooling, using bicycles, and walking or taking public transportation to the office.

The results were outstanding, with an average of 23 participants taking part in various initiatives per week, with the “eliminating car usage” category being the most popular. In addition to t-shirts and promotional items, participants had the opportunity to win other cool prizes. Besides all of the participants, 10 Luxoft colleagues also volunteered to help organize the logistics and promotion of this initiative, dedicating many hours to make the program a success.

Blood Donation

During FY2018, we arranged 4 blood donation drives: 2 in Ukraine, 1 in Sophia, Bulgaria, and 1 in Moscow. The first took place on June 14th, International Blood Donor Day, at our Kiev office. We were surprised at the overwhelming positive response and decided to continue this initiative. On the week of Halloween, we arranged three additional blood donation drives: in Kiev, Moscow and Sofia respectively. Almost 100 Luxoft Employees took part. The donated blood went to help people who need blood transfusions, saving lives.

Luxoft – HCA Open Football Cup, Vietnam

Luxoft was a proud Diamond Sponsor of the Football Cup, which featured 44 teams. The Open Football Cup event takes place every year during the summer season. The main purpose of the event is to connect all the IT companies within the Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association. By being the main sponsor for the event, Luxoft wants to create a meaningful playground for employees after hard-working hours, while promoting active and healthy staff. “Work hard” also means “play “hard – and that’s the spirit of all Luxoft employees.

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