On July 15, the DXC Luxoft UK team held a STEM career day at the premises of National Digital Skills College.

During the event, DXC Luxoft’s experts shared their career development stories, tips for creating CVs, and how kids can build their future careers as software engineers, biomedical engineers, and lawyers specializing in IT. The atmosphere at the event was positive and open, offering transparency from all speakers and a willingness from all to engage.

The feedback from the students on the day was they loved the mini-STEM “Lego challenge” project during which the student groups had to work together to solve a problem. One student said, “I really enjoyed the Lego competition. It was really fun to try and figure out who was doing what and make sure everyone was doing something.” Students also enjoyed hearing from a diverse group of professionals, an interaction that provided an eye opener as to the variety of career options that can be pursued in STEM, something proved when a student reported they enjoyed “learning about new things and the future of technology.” Moreover, DXC Luxoft demonstrated its global presence by having Luxofters dialing in from overseas to participate.  

Adenike Ojo, Solicitor (UK Legal Department) said, “The students were very engaged and asked insightful questions. Our team were impressed by the level of the students’ maturity. Our team of Luxoft volunteers were able to demonstrate the diversity in tech and career paths which are available, illustrating that there is a space for all in STEM.  In particular, students having access to experts in the industry demonstrates Luxoft’s diversity and inclusion, its willingness for its employees to give back to local communities and to inspire the next generation.  By using Lego as a challenge for the students’ mini-STEM project, we demonstrated first-hand what it is like to use Agile as a methodology for a project.  I am particularly proud of how our team promoted the Luoxft brand, and I am looking forward to inviting the students to the Luxoft offices in central London for a day to see what we do as a company in real time in order to cement the insights provided during the event.”

As stated by Helen Stewart, HR Operations Director Western Europe, “I was blown away by the insightful and intelligent responses the students gave us. It shows that we have a great generation coming up behind us to lead the future. I wish to thank all of our volunteers for giving up their time to give back to these children. The teachers were so grateful for our efforts. For them, this initiative brought to life everything they talk about in the classroom, but in real time. They were especially impressed with how we managed to blend face-to-face elements with online international presenters. This is something we take for granted, but for these kids who likely don’t travel, it helps demonstrate how the world of tech bridges borders and perceived boundaries.”

Our team is looking forward to building greater ties and expanding on our cooperation with the National Digital Skills College, STEM, and the National Centre for Computing Education, as the recent event has the potential to be rolled out to various London boroughs, all over the UK, and globally.