Employers in the information technology (IT) field are facing a huge problem. Typically, an IT position is open for more than 12 weeks – lowering productivity and work quality by 45 and 37 percent. Leaving these types of positions open – information security, web development and data architects – comes with a staggering cost of more than $800,000 lost annually.

But that can change, and we at Luxoft believe igniting the interest of young, professional women is an important step toward addressing the tech skills gap.

Currently, the lack of women in IT is staggering, especially in the financial services sector. For perspective, 20% of the Murex team working in Luxoft’s financial services division – Excelian – and nearly 30% of the overall organisation is female. This is in line with industry standards, only 30% of those at major tech companies are women – with even less filling technical roles.

In order to solve both issues, the IT industry needs to do more to promote gender equality to address the IT skills gap. And we at Luxoft are looking to help lead the charge.

Igniting interest in the UK

Luxoft works with leaders in higher education to run pro-IT initiatives at schools and universities for young women. In addition, we have hosted and participated in events in the US, Mexico, Russia, Romania and Poland – and have an event coming up for teenagers in the UK.

In collaboration with the social enterprise organisation STEMettes, 14 young women from two local high schools – Beal High School and Royal Masonic Academy – will attend a very special event at Excelian Luxoft’s London office on 31 January. There, they’ll attend educational workshops, listen to women share personal experiences from their technology careers and discover what opportunities exist for a career in IT. In addition, these indiviuals will participate in a competition where they will develop and present a money-saving app, with prizes for the most inituitive.

Solving the issue, step by step

With the IT skills gap continuing to widen, women have a key role in filling those positions. This is particularly important in tech-centric regions: London, which has a burgeoning investment in tech, broke all UK technology investment records last year!

To solve the issue, it all starts with students – encouraging students to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Then, actively communicating the benefits of a role in the tech realm is the next step. Having inspirational leaders who are driven to encourage these young professionals is also key – and we are up to the task.

IT is a realm for everyone, no matter what gender. Towards that goal, Luxoft is happy to open the UK office to aspiring young women. For more information about how to collaborate with Luxoft to raise awareness about the role of women in IT, please contact CSR Manger, Natalia Grekova at NGrekova@luxoft.com.

Thank you to our sponsors

The event is made possible through the combined efforts of Principal Consultant Marilena Sidella, Junior Analyst Sarah Jackson, Consultant Gazia Ijaz, Director Toni Marshall, Consultant Agata Wojtatowicz, Senior Recruiter Lauren Davies and PA Rachel McGregor.