It’s time to get your blue on! April is Autism Awareness Month, so join us in raising awareness for this widespread disorder, which has steadily grown  over the last two decades. In fact, the latest findings show that about 1.5% of 8-year-old children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the USA. So take time to don blue ribbons to show your support, learn more about autism, and enlighten others by sharing what you’ve discovered.

We have prepared a set of slides about the fundamentals of ASD in order to share real-life experiences from those living among autistic children, teenagers and adults. They contain authentic quotes and comments that defy common misconceptions about the disorder, explaining and helping us understand ASD when we interact with people on the autism spectrum.

Routines play an important role in the life of my child with autism, creating stability and order. Even small changes or routine disruption may cause him to feel upset, be aggressive or even have a meltdown.

Autism Mom

My little boy hears and feels the world in a different way from other people. Children like my son are highly sensitive to physical, visual, and sound stimuli. They may feel badly and act out in many situations that are neutral to us.

Autism Dad

While typical children are scheduling play dates and extracurricular activities, our children's lives are about therapies, day after day, year after year, usually 7 days a week.

Parents of children on the autism spectrum

Luxoft firmly supports those with autism and their loved ones. We fully support our employees on the autism spectrum and employees with autistic children. We happily donated this month in honor of Autism Awareness Month – and we challenge you to do the same!

Reach out to your local organization (and not just in April):

Autism Speaks (United States)
Autism Independent (United Kingdom)
Autism Spectrum (Australia)
Autism Europe (Europe)

If you know someone in the US affected by autism, please encourage them to help autism research by joining