The importance of companies reaching out to make a difference is helping to bring millions of people out of the margins of poverty across the globe. It’s one of the reasons why economic inequality among countries has declined sharply in the last 20 years. In fact, by 2010, the United Nations already achieved its millennium goal of halving global poverty by 2015.

Alleviating poverty by providing access to well paid jobs and skills development for people who might not otherwise be employed has fast become a trend that is changing lives.

It’s called Impact Sourcing. It’s the belief that where policymakers fail, business has the potential to bring millions of people out of poverty by providing career development opportunities to people who otherwise have little prospect for employment.

Keeping up with the latest technology standards and enabling businesses to innovate is what keeps Luxoft in profit, but it’s by taking into account environmental risks and social responsibility that ensures we are a positive force for change.

Whether it’s revitalising depilated landscapes in Romania, or by helping girls break into the tech sector in London, we want to be part of a generation of service providers that makes things change for people.

By gathering the best of the best in IT to share their experience and unique know-hows with technology communities worldwide, outsourcing is bringing the benefits of the digital revolution to young people everywhere.

We want to hear what our socially responsible clients, peers and technology partners are doing to create jobs to ensure success in disadvantaged communities to help spread the word and quicken the pace of change. How efforts to expand business have been matched by efforts towards making it on a sustainable path.

Now it’s time to hear your story. Please apply for the IAOP’s Global Impact Sourcing Award before Nov. 30 to raise awareness of what you’re doing to raise people out of poverty and into sustained work.