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Avasant Foundation, USA

Luxoft has been supporting and participating in the Avasant Foundation’s “Golf for Impact” charity fundraising tournament at the Mountain Gate Country Club in Los Angeles, California since 2016.

Our colleagues Patrick Corcoran and Brandon Schulz joined Avasant to help raise the funds necessary to educate young people in developing countries and empower them to succeed in the new digital economy.

The Avasant Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works with leading sourcing advisory firms headquartered in Los Angeles. This is Luxoft’s second year sponsoring the foundation’s fundraising efforts alongside other top-tier IT service providers including HCL, Tata, IBM, Atos, Wipro, and more.

IT School, Russia

Today in Russia there is an important problem related to the occupational guidance for teenage orphans who have left orphanages. We analyzed the social demand and created the Luxoft IT School program. The target audience of the project was deemed to be 8th and 9th grade students, since the issue of occupational guidance and their choices for future development is most relevant to them. Under the program, Luxoft volunteers introduced 9th grade students to the programming profession, conducted robotics workshops and gave them the opportunity to write small programs of their own.

All of our volunteers – company employees – had concerns related to how the first meeting might go, or if it would be interesting or not. So we were overjoyed to discover that over half of the invited students started to attend our follow-up meetings regularly. We continued the program by offering more classes, master classes, and workshops for the interested students. We were happy to be engaged in very interesting and creative work.

Luxoft Academia, Mexico

Guadalajara University (UDG) is the second largest public University in Mexico, and is constantly innovating by collaborating with the IT Industry and technological community to provide their students with strong programs. Luxoft Mexico was invited to participate in a session to evaluate the current computer science program, and to provide ideas on how to improve and better serve the needs of the industry. Our Managing Director, Enrique Cortes, led Luxoft Mexico’s participation and facilitated two magisterial conferences: “Mathematical Principles for Artificial Intelligence” and “High Precision Agriculture”.

IT Treasure Island in Ukraine

Children's laughter, curiosity, and interest – together with robots, 3D printers, and scientific experiments – were present in Luxoft’s Kiev office for a day. Here, future IT talents had a chance to interact and communicate with different representatives of the IT industry. While the children were getting acquainted with the world of technologies, parents listened to specialists in the vocational guidance for children, understanding how to prepare their kids for their future professions.

Open Air Robotics Show

Odessa National Polytechnic University is the leading university in Odessa and one of the best Technical Universities in Ukraine. For the fifth time, Luxoft, in partnership with the university, arranged a showcase of robots for kids from 6-12 years old. Kids, students and Luxoft employees took part in the NXP-Cup coding competition, enjoyed demos of various robots, and watched the MiniRace. The kids had a great time working on code with students, professors, as well as our Luxoft employees.

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