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Quality education overview

At Luxoft, we believe that education is core to the progress and success of the future IT professionals. At our company, we ensure that our employees have access to learning resources to develop their skills and foster the development of innovative solutions. By supporting quality education, we follow the UN’s fourth Sustainable Development Goal and aim to provide equal access to learning to diverse groups of people, enabling younger generations to utilize necessary resources and equipment while supporting educational institutions in the locations where we operate to promote STEM education and career development in the IT industry. Quality education is a part of Luxoft CSR global strategy. Download Luxoft Quality Education Info Pack here to learn more.

Corporate educational programs

Learning Management and Development (LMD) Services is the dedicated department at Luxoft that enables each member of the company to access various training services such as trainer-led courses, upskilling programs for direct and line managers, webinars, foreign language lessons, training paths & sets, internship programs, self-learning libraries, external providers (conferences and certifications), and other training services. Education with the help of LMD provides everybody with equal opportunity for career and professional growth. LMD is constantly developing and improving its services to stay efficient and business-focused. We are always looking for new, effective formats as well as more courses on the newest topics and the hottest technologies. The LMD internal portal was created to be a new, sleek, and user-friendly source of information where Luxofters can find all training services in one convenient place. Moreover, the LMD department provides custom-developed courses depending on the requirements of project leaders, clients, and internal initiatives. During FY2022, Luxoft employees completed more than 33.300 hours of trainings including 18.000 IT-based trainings and 15.100 non-IT-based trainings. Among the programs run at Luxoft is the Leadership Academy program that helps participants bridge the gap between the behavior of a doer and those of a true leader, teaching participants how to apply effective tools and methods specific for management roles. The program has two editions: Core and Advanced options, depending on need such as stepping into a new role or developing advanced leadership skills. The Program Management Academy is designed to systematize and improve on existing project management knowledge and skills. It is for project managers and team leaders who have the potential of becoming project managers in the foreseeable future but who have limited experience in managing projects as well as other related competencies. There are English lessons classes, online speaking club, and local language courses for the relocated employees, taking place on a regular basis in global locations.

Supporting educational institutions in local communities

Luxoft is developing long-term relations with educational institutions around the world to ensure high-quality education and opportunities for career development. We collaborate with universities and schools in Mexico, the UK, and Ukraine, and strive to provide access to education to students from disadvantaged families through our local NGO partners. In our efforts towards creating a fairer, more equitable world and enabling younger generations to utilize all the necessary resources for their career success, we collaborated with Teach For All and supported their activities with donations. Teach For All (www.teachforall.org) supports and connects a global network of independent organizations working around the world to ensure that every child has access to an equitable and excellent education.

As education is a key focus for Luxoft not only as an organization, but also as part of our dedication to improving the communities in which we operate, Luxoft’s teams across the globe joined efforts in our Back To School campaign held in autumn 2021. We donated more than 500 backpacks with stationary items and other educational equipment to schoolchildren in India, China, Romania, Ukraine, the UK, and Poland to assist in their learning journeys.

For many years, Luxoft Ukraine has been supporting young mathematicians in their aspirations to develop technical and analytical skills. We sponsor over 30 various events annually such as educational summer camps, Olympiads, and mathematical quizzes. Over 13,000 participants from different age categories have taken part in these activities and made steps toward realizing their dreams. We are proud to be part of this inspirational journey and wish the young mathematicians lots of persistence and consistency in achieving their goals. For several years in a row, Luxoft, in partnership with the Odessa National Polytechnic University, the leading university in Odessa and one of the best technical universities in Ukraine, arranged a showcase of robots for kids from 6-12 years old. Kids, students, and Luxoft employees took part in the NXP Cup coding competition, enjoyed demos of various robots, and watched a MiniRace. The kids had a great time working on code with students, professors, and Luxoft employees. Luxoft Poland continuously supports the local Orphanage and Sociotherapeutic Facilities Complex by providing for basic needs and enabling the educational process. In 2020, Luxoft Poland donated 100 PCs, 200 monitors, and all the necessary wiring to support children in need, making it possible for them to continue their education remotely. For many years in a row, Luxoft Bulgaria has sponsored TechArtNology classes. During the 2020-2021 school year, seven kids acquired new digital arts skills. At the end of the year, the children's digital drawings came to life on t-shirts, sending them off to vacation with a smile. In Mexico, we have cooperated with Guadalajara University (UDG), the Apatzingán Higher Technological Institute, and Guzman Technological Institute, that are constantly innovating by collaborating with the IT Industry and technological community to provide students with strong programs. In the UK, we have established trusted partnerships with several institutions, including Stemettes, Social Enterprise, Inspire!, the London Education Charity, and, in July 2021 held a successful STEM Career Day on the premises of the National Digital Skills College. During the event, Luxoft’s experts shared their career development stories, tips for creating CVs, and how kids can build their future careers as software engineers, biomedical engineers, and lawyers specializing in IT. The atmosphere at the event was positive and open, our speakers were transparent about their own career journeys, and the students demonstrated a willingness to engage as well as enthusiasm on the topic. The feedback from the students on the day was that they loved the mini-STEM Lego challenge project, during which the student groups had to work together to solve a problem. One student said, “I really enjoyed the Lego competition. It was really fun to try and figure out who was doing what and make sure everyone was doing something.” Students also enjoyed hearing from a diverse group of professionals, an interaction that provided an eye opener as to the variety of career options that can be pursued in STEM, proved when a student reported they enjoyed “learning about new things and the future of technology.” Moreover, Luxoft demonstrated its global presence by having Luxofters dialing in from overseas to participate. Luxoft IT School is the internal program developed at the company to support the students of our NGO partners as well as the children of Luxofters and provide them with access to long-term learning courses run by our volunteers and professional trainers from coding schools.

Luxoft offers plenty of opportunities for students and junior specialists to build their IT careers by giving them the chance to work on real projects that reinforce their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. One of our initiatives is the Corporate Junior Program. Under this umbrella, a new networking internship program started in Bucharest, Romania in 2019, during which interns were involved in an intensive training program that helped them develop their knowledge and skills as future developers in networking automation and networking application perspectives. In 2021, Luxoft Ukraine announced the launch of LuxCampus, a program that provides opportunities for students and junior and regular specialists to master key programming languages, technologies, and specialties in IT such as Java, DevOps, and QA automation at a basic level and join Luxoft teams immediately upon completion of the course.

The Luxoft CSR Incubator

The Luxoft CSR Incubator is a global volunteer grant program that offers financial support to our employees who want to contribute to social development at Luxoft and in local communities. After all submissions are collected, the judging process to choose the best projects addressing the goals of Luxoft CSR strategy begins. The initiators of the winning ideas become project leaders and are awarded with financial grants to help them implement their ideas during the financial year with teams of colleagues. Since 2017, we have received more than 250 project plans from all over the world, giving us a great cross section of what employees in different locations are interested in and what community changes are most relevant. Among the CSR Incubator project successfully implemented during 2020-2021: Children’s University Foundation, Poland: since 2007, the university has invited children take part in lectures and workshops in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Olsztyn led by scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and other specialists. Through their programs, they reach over 80,000 children a year. Luxoft is supporting the programs by providing donations to be used to improve lessons and trainings for kids. Career guidance course for schoolchildren (Ukraine): launched in March 2021, the course was designed to help teenagers make conscious choices in their professional development. The program consists of a webinar for parents of teenagers on how to help children choose a career and a mini-course for high school students.

During 2021-2022, Our LuxCode Girls community in Mexico kept on developing with the help of our enthusiastic team. The mission of the community is to support women in tech and promote STEAM careers among young girls. Our employees formed a dedicated committee, each member of which can propose, coordinate, and execute events and activities that can boost and promote career opportunities for women in tech. Among the new initiatives is the start of InspireIT Mentoring program for the Luxoft female experts aimed at experience and knowledge sharing, networking, and new skills development.

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