Data at the core of everything

Maximize innovation and customer value in an increasingly evolving digital ecosystem fueled by data.


To derive insights which inform action, organizations need to constantly evaluate their data. The way to drive data transformation forward is to think about business processes, interactions and transactions as information flows. Businesses looking to modernize and unlock high volumes of historical, financial, operational and transactional data can do so with the right enterprise-scale data and analytics services.


Utilized correctly, data can help you: Optimize operations; control processes automatically; engage more customers; answer customers better; empower employees; increase revenue; and strategically address the market.

Data should be at the core of everything you do

Organizations that have a high Analytics Intelligence level can scale and industrialize their analytics and AI efforts. Without this level of analytics, there’s a risk of getting stuck in the realm of ad hoc analytics characterized by many repeated proof-of-concept exercises and pilot projects, with no visible business outcomes.

Unlocking the value in your data


Data alone does not equal value. Faced with the data deluge, organizations often struggle with:


  • Large amounts of existing data in disparate data sources, a mix of platforms and unclean data
  • New internal and external data sources that continue to grow exponentially
  • The need to cleanse and process data near the edge and proximate to the source


We help organizations transform and modernize their use of data to take advantage of insights it contains.

We help shape your transformation, create efficiencies and innovation, and achieve measurable benefits at every point of the business process.

How Luxoft and our partners can help


We are a trusted partner helping organizations to realize their highest data potential. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of proven analytics services to rapidly provide insights and accelerate the business transformation journey with knowledge depth, experience and proven results.


Our analytics consultants advise, support and manage our clients’ business transformations based on their technical and financial goals, current data analytics readiness, culture, operational practices and compliance requirements. Let us help you unlock the insights needed to successfully implement and operationalize analytics.


We offer a full suite of services — from advisory services to technology and industry solutions in the key data analytics areas of:


Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) Services

Increasingly important in light of restructuring data analytics infrastructure, processing and treatment. This is due to rising edge requirements, new governance rules and more distributed company requirements.

Data Science Services

Automation and self-service are increasingly deployed to overcome the skill shortage of qualified data scientists.

Cloud Integration Services

Companies are ramping up investments in cloud architectures and data integration to raise flexibility and business adaptability to uncertain market environments.

Data Engineering Services

The heart of data analytics activities. As businesses are (re)building data lakes to capture data from the edge and elsewhere, integrating with classic MDM, enabling self-service data engineering, and preparing for compliance with new rules, the corporate data infrastructure remains a building site with a high need for implementation services.

With data at the core, you can benefit from faster insights, lower costs, greater agility, security, ease of use and interoperability.