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Building a Cross-Company Project Environment


What We Do

Enterprises are continuously striving to automate, optimize and improve their processes. Adding Atlassian project management tools to your toolkit allows teams to build a cross-company project environment that supports different SDLC processes (Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban or custom) and practices (such as code review). Atlassian software is your all-in-one project management platform for both operations and development departments, uniting them under one roof to streamline tasks to completion.


Atlassian — Premier Project Management Platform


  • Seamless integration across all Atlassian products
  • Supports Agile development right out of the box
  • Can be used for operations and development departments alike
  • Has an online marketplace offering a variety of plugins
  • The project management platform is easy to use and easy to set up
  • User-friendly design
  • Ability to customize and automate, as needed
  • Free online support, documentation and an active community



Luxoft, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, has more than 15 years of experience with Atlassian tools.

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We are proud to have:


  • A team of Atlassian-certified experts
  • A team of Agile (Scrum)-certified experts
  • Proven expertise for enterprises: We build project environments using key add-ons from Atlassian Marketplace, create custom-developed functionality, and integrate tools with other applications to satisfy all of our clients’ needs. Whether you need to migrate to Atlassian cloud, need Atlassian configuration management, require Atlassian tools training or are looking for Atlassian consulting services, we have your back!
  • The Atlassian solutions we offer for your organization include:
    • - LUXproject – distributed web-based project management system
    • - LuxHire – enterprise recruitment application
    • - LUXTown – corporate social network including LUXTown mobile, for both iOS and Android clients
    • - And many others

Luxoft Atlassian Services

  • SaaS project management platform
  • Business and engineering processes automation: including implementing a strategy/re-architecture, elaborating requirements and custom Atlassian plugin development
  • Atlassian instances consolidation
  • Transformation of ad-hoc enterprise tools to an Atlassian-based environment
  • Atlassian configuration management optimization: a managed approach for configuring Atlassian tools
  • Performance, reliability and scalability improvement (which saves administration, support, recovery and maintenance costs as a result)
  • Data centers implementation (Atlassian Jira software, Jira ServiceDesk, Atlassian Confluence services)
  • Atlassian cloud migration: for either public or private Atlassian cloud
  • Migration of legacy PMO apps to an Atlassian-based enterprise project environment, legacy data migration, integration with COTS
  • Atlassian project management tools support maintenance, with engineers available 24/7
  • License management: Atlassian tools, re-selling third-party add-on licenses, renewals
  • Atlassian plugin development (for the Atlassian Marketplace)
  • Collaboration portals with gamification and custom UI, integration with back-office apps
  • Atlassian consulting services and Atlassian tools training, such as training for Atlassian Confluence services, Atlassian Jira software, and more.