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Luxoft enables business transformation by applying the most relevant technologies of today. We offer a full stack of digital technologies including edge computing, serverless computing, AI and machine learning, leveraging both open source and native cloud platforms and APIs. Our cross-industry expertise accelerates your time to market and leads you smoothly through complex change.

Blockchain: more than just Bitcoin

Luxoft helps you navigate the complex landscape of Blockchain and DLT choices by focusing on your business needs.

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Cloud: Build for the Future with Modern Platforms

Cloud platforms enable technology innovation. Vast amounts of computing power and storage (IaaS) combine with configurable services (PaaS) to accelerate the creation of new products and services (SaaS). When this speed and scale is combined with modern DevOps infrastructure, robotic process automation (RPA), and mature engineering processes, users always have access to your latest and greatest connected products and services.

IOT: Connecting Your World

With help from the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent sensors and smart devices are making our lives easier by streamlining daily tasks. Using IoT to connect your world can also enhance the customer experience, deliver otherwise unobtainable insights, and improve business performance.

Agile: Is Your Business Truly Flexible?

What makes you truly agile in today’s fast-paced world? Adopting Agile and DevOps approaches speeds up decision-making and time to market, with teams creating priorities through the smart use of sprints. A continuous delivery approach also integrates Agile with DevOps, using automated testing to support continuous software deployment.

DevOps: Delivering Products at the Speed of Now

In the current market, there is an overwhelming need for speed. By integrating DevOps, you enable continuous delivery by streamlining your business processes and improving communication between your teams. As a result, you can reduce your time-to-market considerably, allowing you to swiftly jump ahead of the competition and improve productivity overall.

Big Data: Exploring New Opportunities through Data-driven Insights

The world is becoming more connected – resulting in unprecedented quantities of data. So much data, in fact, that today's organizations have either a data strategy or a data problem. With the right approach, processes, and tools, clients are gaining value from their data through operational insights and predictive and prescriptive recommendations, when combined with cognitive services like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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