Sander crafts scalable software at Luminis Technologies. With a decade of experience on the JVM, he specializes in modular Java and JavaScript development. Additionally, data analysis and machine learning are part of his ever growing list of interests. Sander loves sharing knowledge, for example through his blog at and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine.

He speaks regularly at international developer conferences, sharing his passion for high-quality software development.

About webinar

Understanding data is increasingly important to create cutting-edge applications. A whole new data science field is emerging, with the open source R language as a leading technology. This statistical programming language is specifically designed for analyzing and understanding data.

In this session we approach R from the perspective of Java developers. How do you get up to speed quickly, what are the pitfalls to look out for? Also we discuss how to bridge the divide between the R language and the JVM. After this session you can use your new skills to explore an exciting world of data analytics and machine learning!