The Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process decision framework is a hybrid which adopts proven strategies from Scrum, XP, Agile Modeling, Outside In Development, Lean/Kanban, DevOps, and others in a disciplined manner. DAD provides goal-driven, tailorable advice for the full solution delivery lifecycle that goes beyond the software-construction focus of other agile methods. Because delivery teams do not work in a vacuum DAD is enterprise aware, showing how agile teams can leverage and enhance their existing IT ecosystem in a governable manner. DAD is at the forefront of the new generation of agile/lean methods for the enterprise.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • What the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework is.
  • Why a hybrid approach is necessary for enterprise development.
  • How to take a goal-driven, instead of prescriptive, approach.
  • Why a full delivery lifecycle is required and what your options actually.
  • What complexity factors you need to consider when scaling and tailoring DAD.
  • What it means to be enterprise aware.

Scott Ambler is a Canadian software engineer, consultant and author, currently Senior Consulting Partner at Scott Ambler + Associates. He is a well-known author of numerous books focused on the Disciplined Agile Delivery process decision framework, the Unified process, Agile software development, the Unified Modeling Language, and CMM-based development.