Join us for our co-hosted webinar “Disruption within Healthcare – identifying gaps to improve patient interactions” with ISG. We’ll discuss the emerging threats that are taking place due to recently announced mergers and acquisitions, the changes in providers’ roles and responsibilities, and what technologies can be applied in order to improve your patients’ experiences to move towards value-based care.

Join us to learn what it takes to survive in this increasingly patient-centric world, where we must meet patient demands by giving them full control and understanding of their healthcare experience. This disruption is shaking up the healthcare and life sciences industries – from providers through payers, and everyone in between.

The current list of speakers includes:

  • Sam Mantle, Managing Director of Digital Enterprise, Luxoft
  • Todd Gehrke, Global Blockchain Solutions Architect, Luxoft
  • Patrick Corcoran, Global Director of External Relations, Luxoft
  • James (Jamie) Burke Director, IT Sourcing Solutions, ISG Research