Stuttgart, Germany
Le Méridien Stuttgart
Willy-Brandt-Straße 30

"Dr. Kai Richter speaks about "Predictable and safe SW integration for the next generation ADAS and Autonomous Driving platforms"

• Trend: massive ECU consolidation leads to multi-domain, mixed-criticality ECUs with multiple virtualized RTOSs (AR Classic, Linux, QNX, etc. towards AR Adaptive) running on new 64-bit ARM and Intel cores
• Challenge: SW integration becomes a cross-domain discipline with new requirements to run-time flexibility and the after-SOP integration of “untrusted” applications
• Solution: cross-domain SW architecture expert teams, modern build and QA/CI systems, effective use of separation kernels / hypervisors to meet safety requirements
• Presentation: lessons learned from recent ADAS and autonomous driving projects, plus outlook into Autosar Adaptive